Let’s Talk Donuts

I’ve had it, and can’t take it anymore. I’ve decided to publish a blog after a discussion I had with my husband, Dave, last night as we drove to dinner.

We passed a donut shop called, “County Donuts”. As always, whenever we pass this particular donut shop, I comment on the design of the sign. The “o” in Donuts is in the shape of what appears to be a circle in orbit, when I fully realize that it’s the designer’s rendition of a fancy swirled donut. This led to the discussion of, “Well, maybe it’s a cruller.”

First of all, I’m not quite sure what a cruller is, nor do I really want to know. The only time I recall the word, “cruller” being used anywhere, anytime was during the movie, “Wizard of Oz”, where Auntie Em offered a cruller to that mean ‘ol Ms. Gulch…or wait. Was she offering them to the scarecrow, tin man or cowardly lion? I forget. Anyway…..I digress.

The topic of this blog isn’t about crullers. No, no, no…. It’s about donuts and all categories of donuts. Now, I happen to think that a Long John or Bismark or Jelly Bag (or whatever you call those donuts filled with jelly), are donuts. When someone walks into your workplace with a box that says Dunkin’ Donuts on top of it, you’ll see a wide array of donuts: chocolate, sprinkles, buttermilk, a bear claw thrown in, Long John’s, etc. Dave stated that a donut is a donut only if it has a hole in the middle.

“Hold up”, I said. “I’ve got something to say about this topic.”

So, I opened my mouth and said, “Well, then what do you call the ones without holes in them?”

“Pastries”, he said.

“Well, you’ve got to send an email to the CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts then because they’ve been marketing their business WRONG for a really long time. It should say, “Dunkin’ Donuts…..and pastries“…it’s almost like an afterthought.

He then compared his analogy to Ford. Ford makes cars. All kinds of cars, but they market it as cars and trucks. Generally speaking.

I said, “Ford sells more than just cars. They sell trucks, vans, SUV’s, wagons, etc.” The same analogy can be applied to Dunkin’ Donuts. They sell more than just plain ‘ol donuts. They sell PASTRIES too.” 

So, the question of the day is Marketing Geniuses all over the planet are generalizing what they sell. Which still makes it ok, doesn’t it? I mean, with a company like Dunkin’ Donuts, you not only get donuts, you get pastries…oh, and let’s not forget breakfast now and those fancy frapuccino thingys.

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