Analysis Paralysis Syndrome and BP

For the past 47 days I have been watching in frustration and anger at the evolving saga that is BP and their giant problem child called the oil spill.

I worked for a large corporation. I’ve also worked for small and medium size businesses as well. There are pros and cons to all of them, but I truly enjoyed working for a large corporation because of the partnership and teamwork of the individuals I worked with. But, there was one major problem with large corporations. When calamity strikes, everyone wants their hand in it to solve the problem.

Too many cooks in the kitchen equals Analysis Paralysis….or my favorite saying, “Polishing a Turd.” I bet you know some of these folks; they can sit in a meeting and waste a good three hours of your life, which you’ll never get back, discussing at least ten different ways to solve one problem. These same folks will then want hard data to back up these ten different solutions which will then be reviewed by a panel of “experts” where more turd polishing or analysis paralysis will ensue.

BP has asked the public for some solutions as well, and some of them seemed to be good answers to cleaning up that oil spill’s mess. But, as the clocked ticked tocked away the oil spill grew bigger and the problem became worse which caused the turd polishers to pause the direction they were going and go back to the drawing board…..more meetings, more data and more reviews with more meetings and turd polishing.

I’d like to say this method is recyclable, but it’s not and here’s why:

1. Time’s a wastin’. As with each sunset and sunrise, the oil spill grows bigger and bigger. You can’t turn back time.

2. The oil spill grows bigger causing more problems and tragic loss to our environment and delicate ecosystem. I’d like to say that you can recycle birds and pelicans, but with a disaster like this, it’s quite possible that wiping out one or more species of bird or mammal can be a grim reality.

So, to BP I’d like you to escape the board room and look at what you have on your plate. If you have a workable solution, then stick with it and stay the course. Scheming up plans and then scratching them for another course of direction is only wasting time. Time and our environment isn’t recyclable.



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