Life’s Path

I’m reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert right now. I think alot of women can relate to her position with debating on wanting to leave her husband or not. I’ve been there, and it took me several years to make my final decision. Similar to Liz, I had a realization at some point in the breakdown process and asked myself, “Am I better off with or without him?” I chose without him, and never looked back.

But, what I admire about Elizabeth Gilbert was her attitude of just selling/storing her worldly possessions and leaving for parts unknown to which she’s never been. She’s always loved the Italian language, so she started in Italy and ate her way thru this beautiful country for four months until she left for India, which is where I am at in the book right now.

When someone goes thru traumatic experiences, you often look to a higher power for guidance. God, Buddha, Zeus, Allah, whatever you want to pray to, makes us feel like we are being listened to and receiving guidance on what to do with our slovenly predicaments we call our lives.

Liz tries meditation and after several initial tries, just wants to give up completely. However, in reading more into her experiences she opens up her mind to let go of things in her past in order to let God into your heart and mind so she could move forward.

And, yes – it works.

But, it didn’t take me traveling half the globe to determine this. It’s called looking in the mirror and realizing you have a few faults of your own, so you better be honest with yourself and fix them unless you want your life to be just like “Groundhog Day” where everything just keeps happening the same way over and over…and over again.

Some people make changes in their lives because of self preservation. “I have to save myself from my own destruction since no one else will do it for me.” Others make changes in their lives because they feel that there is a higher purpose other than what they are doing…right here – right now. And, then there are those who don’t have any purpose in life since they havent’ bothered or tried to figure it out, so they strap on a backpack and travel Europe for 3 months to 6 years. And sadly, others make changes in their lives because they feel their lives aren’t worth living any longer because no one seems to notice them, or ask how they are doing, or share a meal with them.

How you decide to go about making changes in your life is completely up to you. It’s free will, after all, isn’t it? Your choices lead you to other opportunities or challenges. And, along with those opportunities or challenges, you meet people and learn something new to help you further along in your changing path called your life. Most people aren’t cognizant of this action. They are too busy with the mundane of everyday tasks that clutter up our observational skills so at times, we don’t truly realize until we are at that particular place and that particular time when you say to yourself, “How did I get to this point in my life?”


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