My husband just bought us a nook. Barnes and Noble came out with its own version of the Kindle about a month ago, so we checked it out at the local B&N store. First off, I have to say from an economical standpoint that it rocks. The average download costs from $9.99 to $12.99. Compare this to a hardcover book and you already have your return on investment.

But, the one thing I love about the nook is that when you lounge with a book, you always are trying to situate yourself in a position so that the book you’re reading doesn’t cause hand cramps, or neck cramps. This handy little item is as light as a feather and not even an inch thick. You can enlarge the text so you don’t have to use your reading glasses (there is a GOD), and the covers for your nook come in all colors, and styles.

On to other stupid topics….

Let’s talk about the grocery store, shall we? More specifically, the line you choose in which to pay half your month’s salary for a week’s worth of groceries. So, you’re standing in line behind, most likely, a woman. And, I you can’t blame me for stereotyping here, because I have first hand knowledge about certain situations at the grocery store.

Why is it always ME who gets behind a woman who absolutely, POSTIVELY need to write out a check? Why? Do I have some sort of “checkwriter radar” which draws these people into the lane I choose? Perhaps this woman was going to use a debit card, but when she saw me, she instead decided to write a check, ruining the crappy mood I was already in.

Next, let’s also mention while in this line with the same checkwriting person, there is a toddler in the cart, looking at me…………….the entire time. Just staring. No emotion on his face – he had a big void look, like he’s on some graham cracker high. Let’s get something straight here…. I like kids. I have one myself – although he doesn’t fit into a grocery cart anymore unless it’s for a high school prank. But, when a little kid stares at you like this for minutes (which feels like hours), it becomes unnerving. You smile at him – nothing. You can make a silly face – nothing. Finally, I try the old “peek-a-boo” trick, and he starts to cry. His check writing mother turns around, delaying my purchase process even LONGER, and gives me the stink eye.

So, when you check out at the grocery store, analyze the person you are getting behind of in the line. If she looks like she would be a checkwriter, abort the line.

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to all those Japanese Beetles in my neighborhood. “QUIT EATING MY PLANTS!” About a month ago, I had a basil plant. HAD, being the keyword here. I noticed something was munching on my basil leaves upon my daily inspection. When I went outside to water that afternoon, I saw about ten Japanese Beetles smorgasboarding on my basil plant leaves. So, I shook them off and thought, “Well, that’s the end of THEM.”

As my cousin Linda would say, “Not so much.” The next day, those same beetles invited all their friends and told them this was a great place to eat dinner. The service wasn’t so great, but the meal was SPECTACULAR! There must have been at least 50 of them covering my poor basil plant like a brown speckled blanket. I ended up throwing out my basil plant. It was beyond recognition. Ironically, those same pesky insects didn’t bother to destroy my tomato plants nor the green bean plants I had right next to it.

No, my tomato plants were destroyed instead by that huge storm the other night which blew my plants over from their perched ledge and it managed to drop 5 nice big GREEN tomatoes. I am hoping that these tomatoes eventually turn red, but I have a feeling they’re gonna be tossed….and not into a salad either.

So, that’s enough oddities for right now. I can probably go into other benign topics but I have to actually get some stuff done around here today!

Have a good day!


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