Over Exposure

I watch Channel 5 (NBC – Chicago), almost all the time. The Today show is on when I first wake up, and all my favorite TV programs are on this channel as well (except for “The Amazing Race”, which happens to be on CBS and not yet promoting a new season…grrrr), but I digress.

Since I watch channel 5 on a daily basis, I also happen to see the commercials. The topic of my blog this week is “Over Exposure”. Think about three things and tell me what comes to mind:

1. Prime Time Commercials
2. Channel 5
3. The capital letter E turned backwards

If you guessed “The EVENT”, you would be correct. I’m guessing since May, I have heard “conversations overheard from the whitehouse which have not been edited”, about something the President wasn’t told because it was on a “need to know” basis. He’s the President, Damnit! He should know EVERYTHING, right?

And, we have often heard prisoners speaking to one another as if we don’t hear them saying, “Maybe we should tell them so they can prepare”. Oooh! Coming to dinner, are we? I’ll break out the good china.

On any given night, channel 5 airs “The Event” commercials at least six times. Now, at this point, I’m boycotting the tv show and it hasn’t even aired its first episode yet. Why? Because it reminds me of Lindsay Lohan.

“The Event” is constantly in my face, whining, and jibber jabbering all over the place about itself. Lindsay doesn’t often jibber jabber, but she does alot of tripping and falling, which to me is the same thing.

I’m a small business owner. I like to expose my business and gain new clients wherever I can seize the opportunity. But, over-exposing anything is often a bad thing. In this case, “The Event” is probably pissing more people off now than it ever will causing it “bad” exposure. And, poor little Linsday Lohan. She’s been exposed in more ways than one, and do you see movie Directors lining up to have her sign on the dotted line?

Here’s another example: A certain news anchor on channel 5 (initials A.R.) wears the same colored suits all the time. Pink and Grey. She may throw in the occasional red or black (saturations of my earlier colors mentioned), so they are basically all the same colors to me. She is over-exposing the fact that she has no wardrobe. For a chick who makes six figures, you’d think the woman can buy a suit or two in blue or even beige.

Other things that are over exposed? Mel Gibson. His ranting on answering machines is telling me that either the media has no other news to report, or they just want Mel to contemplate darker thoughts than he already has, which would make even bigger headlines!

I also happen to think that Spanx is over exposed. Now, typically, this amazing undergarment should be under exposed for its intended purpose, but when I think of Spanx this time of year when it’s 95 degrees with 80% humidity, the LAST thing I want to be wearing is Spanx. Are you with me on this, ladies? Thanks….but no Spanx.

One more item to note: Twitter. What the hell is so fascinating about it? I think it’s a dying form of media communication. Facebook, on the other hand, will never go away – unless of course you “unfriend” everyone already on your friends list.


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