My Name is Brett "Indecisive" Favre. Pleased to Meet You…Again.

Another football season to me now means another season of Brett Favre’s lack of some sort of decision making process.

For the past three seasons, football fans across the globe have been subjected to Brett Favre and his, “I’m retiring”, to “No, I’m not retiring”, to “I’m retiring again”….with a little crying in between press conferences.

Frankly, I think Brett delayed his decision last season so he could forego pre-season conditioning and mandatory team practices. Where’s that team player attitude, Brett? On the other hand, I would suppose that Brett, at this point in his career, can do whatever the hell Brett wants to do. And, therein lies the rub with most people.

So, is he retiring this year or not? I often wonder what the Favre household conversations are like. Being hesitant in everyday, mundane decisions would cripple the average home establishment:

“Should I load the dishwasher with the fork tines down or up? What about the knives? Let’s think safety here, people.”

“Should I vacuum every other day, or every day? How about never?”

“I don’t want to run. My ankle hurts me….you run for me. WAIT – no, you can’t. I have to – is there an easier way to run?”

And, the shopping experiences with Brett must be pure enjoyment as well as entertainment:

“Do organic eggs taste better than regular eggs? What’s the difference?”

“2% or Fat Free?”

“With or without caffeine?”

“Do these pants make my butt look big?”

“Does this shirt make my face puffy?”

“I hate this color for underwear. Don’t you have any in red? Wait…blue? No…what about a plaid pattern?”

Can’t he see that he looks like an idiot prior to the first game? I will admit he is one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever…..EVER. And, he always claims redemption during the season by taking his team to the playoffs….and almost the Superbowl last year.

I think what really irks people is the fact that if he weren’t Brett Favre, he wouldn’t get away with this type of behavior. He’ll claim uncertainty for however long he wants to because he’s Brett Favre.

Do I watch Brett play? You bet. Even when he was on the Packers I would watch him play, and I’m a die hard Bears Fan.

Brett is an iconic figure and will go into the Football Hall of Fame and football historians will write books about him, if they haven’t done so already. But, along with the impressive stats and the longevity of his career, there will be a discussion that his children will have to hear for the rest of their lives, and that is this issue about his fumbling, hemming and hawing, in addition to the crying at press conferences and retiring for, I think now, three times.

Do you love Brett or hate him? I love him as a player, but I hate him for the slippery slope he constantly trots down with the NFL, and more specifically his loyal fans.

So, make your damn decision, Brett. But, don’t wait until the day before regular season play begins because the welcome mat will probably not be there for you to wipe your cleats on.


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