Blago Blog – blah, blah, blah-blah, blaaaaaaah

I heard it all yesterday. Watching the news and listening as the verdict was read: Guilty on one count – lying to the FBI.

Then, I got to hear about a 10 minute tirade from Sam Adams (makes you wanna go have a beer with a name like that), Jr. Who was brilliant in deflecting that one guilty verdict on himself since he stood unwavering in the fact that his client, Rod Blagojevich, was as innocent as a newborn baby.

Anyone read this article today? The jurors were made public yesterday after the verdict was read. All twelve names rattled off, one by one, in front of television cameras across the country.

The jurors were all in favor of finding Blago guilty on more of the serious charges. However, there was one juror, a woman, who “Just didn’t see what everyone else saw”, and well – you know what the outcome was.

Maybe she couldn’t hear…like me. Maybe she didn’t really comprehend the tapes that were played back in court and how contradictory his statements were between those tapes and what he said yesterday after the verdict was read (among many other things).

If I recall correctly, alot of those tapes went something like, “Those (bleeping) people of Illinois! I gave them free bus rides, and better (bleeping) healthcare! This is how they (bleeping) repay me???!!!”

Yesterday’s verdict speech went something like, “This jury shows you that the government threw everything but the kitchen sink at me,” Blagojevich said outside court. “They could not prove I did anything wrong — except for one nebulous charge from five years ago.” He then went on and on about how much a retrial is going to cost the good, upstanding Illinois taxpayers (as did Sam Adams Jr. and Sr.), and that murdering babies in the street should not take a backseat to a witch trial for him because the GREAT people of Illinois don’t deserve this.

Whaaa??? HUH???

Blago likes us (bleeping) taxpayers again? I’m blushing. I wondered if he practiced his speech in front of the bathroom mirror that morning using his famous hairbrush (which he calls “The Football), as a microphone. Yes, his hairbrush has a name. We voted a man to be Governor who names hairbrushes.

I’m a little disappointed in the Prosecution and not calling the witnesses they said they would call. Perhaps it would have swayed the jurors in a different direction. I also feel that the jury selection is what did this trial in. From day one, the the Jury Foreman in the case had stated that a few people on the jury thought that Blago’s actions were of a man who, “Was just talking.”

So, a new trial awaits and the Blagojevich family, and all those involved, can relive all those fine kodak moments once again. Although, I’m wondering if we’ll see some more high profile witnesses taking the stand to provide a stronger, more compelling case.

I sure hope so, because Blago is a liar, cheating, disgraceful, storyteller who now believes what he wants to believe which is in his own mind…being commandered by his hairbrush.


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