The Media

I recently read an article about how boys can benefit from aggressive play: After reading the article, I had to sit back and think of a couple things:

1. Articles like this weren’t written when I was younger. This sort of topic was left as secondary conversation between the stay at home mom’s (which was the norm back then), who’s only passing remark upon seeing Tommy gun down Billy with a toy gun was, “Slow down, boys! You just ate lunch.” (And, yes. We DID have toy guns back then).
2. How the media has started to dictate and run our lives on what we should and shouldn’t be doing in how we raise our children, how we co-parent, what is right or wrong in about every facet of a child’s life such as to spank or not to spank, how much homework is too much, is   your child ADHD or just a normal kid? the list goes on and on….

Why has it gotten to this? Do people really need that much guidance on how to raise a child?

I think that sometimes the media mucks up and muddies the water to which we, as parents, tred every single day. Throwing in recommendations, helpful websites, and boundless books on how to raise a child so that he/she doesn’t become the following is just causing confusion:

1. A high priced hooker, or any type of hooker.
2. A drug addict or habitual alcoholic
3. A killer. This includes the entire range of killer-likes out there from Serial to Gangster.
4. A pedophile.
5. A person with chronic childhood tendencies that carry on into adulthood, such as a momma’s boy, or a drama girl with the word, “high maintenance” plastered on her forehead. This particular category can be endless.

So, the media comes up with all these helpful ways to assist those parents who don’t have any guidance or strong family support (i.e. their own parents), to help out in raising others’ children.

In my opinion, all of these “helpful ways”,  just complicates matters.

What happened to good ‘ol common sense? Does anyone have it anymore? For example, the types of articles I read with respect to parental guidance are step by step instructions on how to discipline a child at a store. Really?? Does a mother or father google this article as the tantrum is happening, or did they memorize what to do?

Are people that frightened of the actions they take will scar their child for life?  Let’s just say that back in the day when I was growing up, we didn’t have social media, we didn’t have people who wrote articles on childhood “how to’s”. We also didn’t have the internet, cell phones or cable.

Things need to be simpler. The media just confuses a problem and ultimately causes people to second guess their parental intuition on what the right thing to do would be in any given situation.

Bring back simpler times so that parents can make their decisions based on how they were raised as children, and use good ‘ol common sense.


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