Scientists Have Got It All Right

Women Scientists, that is. There is an honest to goodness, real, documented policy recommendation out there for women scientists to get someone to vacuum up their home’s dog hair, and clean their kitchen floors on a weekly basis.

Thanks to a Stanford University woman, professor Londa Schiebinger and co-author Shannon K. Gilmartin, they analyzed 13 top research universities and found out that female scientists do twice as much work at home compared to male scientists. (Just a word to the wise: You can not dispute hard data. Facts are always right).

And, so because of this recent research discovery, they are recommending that unversities offer House Cleaning, akin to health or dental insurance, as a perk for the job.

You would think that in hard economic times, these women would have hit a brick wall with their recommendation. However, they argue that it’s truly relevant and a very solid recommendation since these extremely talented women scientists would be able to devote more time to scientific endeavors if cleaning their toilets were left to someone else.

I, for one, will now become a scientist. I will become a scientist of evaluating other female scientists’ benefits recommendations. I wonder how much school is involved with that……Will I die before I become a scientist? If I do, who will clean my house?

Scientists got it right with the Swiffer Duster. Since we are talking about cleaning, I have to admit, I am a HUGE fan of this little dusting tool. It comes with an extended handle and it holds the dust in place, not releasing anything in its wake. AND, it gets into tiny crevices if you get lazy and don’t want to move stuff on your glass shelves every week….like me.

Swiffer, in general, has some great products. I wonder if women scientists invented them. If they were men scientists, I would laugh at the irony.


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