Fresh Ink

Today is the big day that my son gets a tattoo.  As a family, we’ve been talking about getting tattoos, kind of like making it our tribal ritual when we visit Paia, Maui next year. As true as the sun is golden yellow, my son can’t wait. He couldn’t wait to come into the world (born a month early), he couldn’t wait for facial hair which started at the young age of 11, and now he can’t wait until next year for a tattoo. So, he’s now officially one step ahead of everyone else in our tribe….well, except my husband. He’s way ahead of the rest of us.

Oh, how old is he you ask? He’s 17. And, some of you will wince and wrinkle your nose at the fact that he’s too young for a tattoo, but here’s my philosphy on that situation: In less than a year from now, actually more like 6 months  he turns 18 and is an adult. He will probably ask for my opinion on things, but he’s going to do what he wants to do anyway.

Ground him? Riiiight. Spank him? I think he would laugh at my attempt and think at his age it’s just plain creepy. So, being the realist that I am, I’m letting him get a head start on a tattoo, while the rest of us in the tribe wait until we get to Maui to get ours.

Oh, yes – I’m getting one. My very first tattoo, and I’ll be almost 47 when I get it. I used to cringe at the fact of laying in some old people’s home while nurses turn me over for bed sores and see a shriveled up rose on my ass. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it’s the significance of the ink you get and the experience in how you get it that puts a “stamp” on one’s life. I look at it like a badge of honor for the tattoo I will be receiving with significant meaning.

Am I designing it? Well, I’ve made a few attempts, but I think with my drawings and the true tattoo artist who we’ll be meeting with, I’m sure we can come up with something awesome and not too clownish.

The only problem I have at this point is where to put the tattoo. I made one requirement of my son when we talked about this. I said, “Don’t put it on your face, Mike Tyson.” If you do that, your only job will be as a bouncer at a strip club, and I really didn’t envision my son’s life turning out like that.

As for my placement of said tattoo, it will be the right shoulder blade. Why? Because I like my right shoulder blade. Sorry, left shoulder blade, but you cause too many damn problems for me, so the right side wins.

So, now it’s your turn to speak up about tattoos. Is 17 too young? Does it matter if it’s a man or a woman who gets one? Does age really matter?


2 thoughts on “Fresh Ink

  1. Sorry Nancy… I just don’t get (understand) tattoos and I discourage people from getting them. My daughter got one when she was 20 something and she knows that her Mother and I would rather she didn’t. I guess I’m very old fashioned because I’m pretty sure more people I know have them than don’t.

    Age matters. A person should be working in a career before they get a tattoo…. like you said , it can limit a persons employment opportunities. Having said that, here’s my idea of a tattoo: A bright green, orange eyed, dragon with the tip of the tail on the left ankle, the tail wrapping around the left leg several times and reaching the body of the dragon on the persons back, neck going over the right shoulder and dragons face on the persons chest, pointing down blowing flames onto the hoohah. Now that’s a tattoo!

  2. I like your tattoo idea, Frank! Very African Python”ish”, if I do say so myself. I’m getting all “choked up” thinking about it!

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