So, Now What Do I Do??


It’s that awkward time of year around Chicago. Being a football fan all of a sudden becomes……lonely.

Since our Bears are out of the running for the Superbowl, what’s a girl to do? Yeah, yeah…the Pro Bowl is on tomorrow – let’s throw a boring party.  I hate the pro bowl because 1. It looks really beautiful in Hawaii while I’m stuck up to my knees in snow and ice. 2. It’s nothing but a big show anyway. I mean, look at this picture?? Players aren’t really playing football more than they are patting each others’ backs and behinds. It’s fluff. It’s frivolous. It’s fashionable. Yes, I said fashionable. Watch the sidelines and you’ll see all those nicely coordinated hawaiian team outfits.

The Superbowl is worth watching just for the commercials. Although, this year, I think I will actually watch the game because I truly want the Packers to beat the crap out of the Steelers. The Steeler’s quarterback is an ASS, being suspended six games at the beginning of the season for some sexual assault case, then reduced to four games because it was, well…..HIM. That’s pure bullshit in my opinion. I’m routing for the PACK the whole way, baby!

But, as I watch the Superbowl, I also love to rate the commercials. My latest favorite is for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky with Sasquatch. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s one for ya:

 But, after the Superbowl, then what? Golf? Ice Skating? Oh My God….Nascar?

I can’t do it. I can’t force myself to sit in front of the television watching a golf match – I’ll fall asleep….hmmm. Taking a nap doesn’t sound bad as a replacement for not watching anymore football, doesn’t it?  But, race cars continually racing around a track?  It makes me dizzy to the point of nausea.  I can probably tolerate ice skating, but nothing else. And, that’s only because I like the outfits. It’s funny how I love watching, “Dancing with the Stars” for their fabulous costumes, but I wouldn’t even consider watching “Skating with the Stars”. What’s with that??

So, I guess I can take naps on Sunday afternoons now unless work, laundry, housework, or errands render higher up on the priority list…..NAH.


One thought on “So, Now What Do I Do??

  1. I’m thinking of filling my winter Sunday afternoons with a hot pole dancing class! Ah, never mind; a girl could injure herself. All right, old woman. Nevertheless, it looks too dangerous!

    I think I’ll resort to the old DVD collection. It’s paid for and there are no commercials. Although, I have to say, I wouldn’t mind my program being interrupted by the Messing with Sasquatch commercial! THAT was funny!

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