A Love Letter for Sadie


My Dear, Sweet Sadie –

12 1/2 years have gone by fast, haven’t they? We’ve gone thru some good times together and you’ve been by my side (literally) thru all the difficult times of my life. You’ve been with me thru thick and thin – my best friend: non-judgemental, always there to keep me company, always there when I needed a shoulder (or a body) to cry on.

You’ve listened to my whining, triumphs, prayers and planning. You’ve provided valuable input by wagging your tail with approval, nudging my hand with your nose indicating I had better rethink my position, or looking at me like I was just plain crazy.

I remember picking you up from within the cardboard box at the pet store. As a pup, your little tail was just as strong as it was a few months ago;  banging against the side so hard, I thought you would injure yourself. Up until a few weeks ago, you still liked to bang your tail against the floor whenever you heard my voice or saw me looking at you.

You’re such a good dog, Sadie. Even when I would get distracted and left you outside for 30 minutes! (in the front yard no less without a lead), I panicked when I realized I had left you out there and ran immediately outside to start searching for you. I didn’t have to look far. You were exactly where I left you – laying on the driveway…didn’t move a muscle. You patiently waited for me to come get you while saying to yourself, “stupid mommy.”

You gave me hugs and let me dress you up in ridiculous costumes (much to your dismay. And, don’t tell me you loved them, because your face in the pictures obviously states otherwise). You salivated at the chance to eat popcorn or lap up the milk from my cereal. You loved to chase rabbits and catch frisbees – those were fun moments to watch you in action!

Your endless hand nudges with your nose were obvious signals for me to stroke your face or rub your belly. And, I didn’t even know you knew how to bark until Sarge came to live with us!

You NEVER barked at anything. You were a terrible watch dog. If someone would break in, you’d probably lay on your back with your tail wagging wanting to be petted. Either that, or you’d pee at the intruder’s presence.

You avoided the vacuum cleaner at all costs and thought this was an evil predator with a very loud mouth. In true Sadie”ness” you ran in the opposite direction.

“Cookie” was your favorite word.

“Walk” was your most hated word.

We named Pegleg Web Designs after you because of your skinny legs underneath your big body. You’ve also received some other nicknames:

  • Pegus Legus (Dave’s Latin name for you)
  • Sharpie (for the little black dot on your nose and which Dave insists that I inked you with this named instrument. For the record, I DID NOT.)
  • Coleman (since your back is flat, we would joke how we could make you into a cooler when you died and place wheels on your paws and use your tail to pull you around)
  • Red Snapper (your red color and the way you would try to take my fingers off when I handed you a dog treat)

Most of the time though, we would just call you Sadie…my beautiful, sweet, lovable Sadie.

Your years have caught up with you, and you started to tire easily. Our daily walks shortened to just around the block…now I can barely get you outside to go potty.

With a heavy heart, it is now time for me to say goodbye.

I can’t remain selfish in my undying love for you and have you still be with me while I watch you suffer. You still wag your tail at the sound of my voice, but your age and diseases are slowly taking the light from your eyes. You’d lay your head on my lap until the moment you would die if you had to. But, I don’t want to see you suffer any longer, and I can tell in your face and your eyes that you are hurting and tired.

So as I watched your last minutes of life, your head lay upon my lap. Sweet whispers of, “You’re a good girl, Sadie….I love you”, repeatedly came from us…until the light of your eyes went dim.

I will miss you every single day and always look upon your ashes with a smile knowing that Grandpa is taking good care of you.

May there be plenty of car rides for you in heaven with lots of fields to chase rabbits and catch frisbees.

Love Forever – Mommy


9 thoughts on “A Love Letter for Sadie

  1. Oh, Nancy, I am so sorry. You know me and dogs. . .My experience has taught me that dogs are more loving and loyal than most people. My heart goes out to you. I had to put my Aggie down in October ’06. I missed her so much that I had to get two dogs to replace the hole she left in my heart. You might need six, since Sadie was six times bigger than my poodle. Let me know when you’re free. We’ll have a wake for Sadie over at Lynfred’s and talk about her amazing life!

    1. Thanks Margie. It’s been a very rough day…well, ok – few days. Speaking of Lynfred if you’re free on Tuesday night, they’re having a networking thing with a bunch of chambers of commerce: Wine tastings, tours, etc. If you’d like to go, let me know.

      Otherwise, we can always meet up there when you are free. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. My eyes are swollen shut from crying………

    1. Thanks Jane. It’s been a rough couple of days. It’s like losing a child. But, my baby is pain free now and her grandpa is tossing her the frisbee in heaven hopefully.

  2. Dear Nancy,

    My sincere sympathy. The loss of a pet is very difficult, my heart goes out to you. Through your difficult time I wish that when remembering your beloved Sadie, a smile will be on your lovely face. If only we as humans could be so lucky and not have to suffer through the pain and agony that we sometimes have to endure before our departure from this earth. I believe all dogs go to heaven for they are truly Gods special gift to us.
    Love you,

    1. Diane – Thanks so much for a very honest and true statement. Compared to what a normal human being needs to go thru in order to die with dignity, it is a simple few acts of kindess for a beloved animal to go thru the same process. I love you for sending me this message. Thank you so much for thinking of us.

  3. Oh Auntie Nancy – I just read this and now I’m sitting here crying. Sadie was such a good girl, she will be dearly, dearly missed. The part about her tail was SO true – that thing was ALWAYS going 🙂 Hugs and many kissed Sadie!!!

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