Bad Blogger. Bad, Bad Blogger!

I’ve been absent from my blog lately and I feel incredibly guilty. I know, you missed my weekly posts, didn’t you?

Ahem……Anyway, I have very valid reasons for not having my mind focused on my blogging efforts since things have been a little bit hectic around here. I got the itch to finally put my home up for sale. I made a promise to myself that once Matt graduates from high school, we’d put our place up for sale and get a larger place, but not too large for the newly “empty nesters”. I need a yard. Walking dogs 365 days a year, 3 -4 times a day can be cumbersome, especially if it’s a snowstorm with ice pelting your face at 40 miles per hour. Sarge didn’t even like it. A yard would be nice. That’s isn’t too much to ask for, is it? I’d also like a basement to store my Christmas crap, and for a place where the kids can hang out and leave us the hell alone.

We’ve been keeping our eye out for homes in the Wheaton area for over two years now. Salivating at the for sale signs in front of old, historic homes with big, front porches with swings, shady trees, true honest to goodness craftsmanship from years gone by, and only a stones throw away from downtown where it’s absolutely Mayberry-like was pure torture.

In the midst of looking for homes, we put our place up for sale and then took Dave, my husband, to the hospital for a full right knee replacement surgery. I know – probably bad timing on our part, but when is it a good time to get knee surgery? So, as I was tending to my husband’s whining and whimpering over having 21 staples put in his knee where they gashed thru muscles and tendons and bones to put in some steel device (big baby), I also readied our place for selling, signed the paperwork and the sign went up in a few days time.

Oh, and we also placed two offers on homes which fell thru due to a malicious, listing agent, who shall be nameless, and likes to pit up prospective buyers into bidding wars costing the final bids to go OVER list price. But, I digress….

We found another beautiful home today and placed an offer. Thankfully, the evil listing agent is not part of the equation, so hopefully we’ll have some luck. I must say that I miss laundry shoots, and angled ceilings. I miss that old house smell and the mail slots. Yes! the mail person DOES deliver mail to your door in Wheaton! There is a God……Did I mention that I love front porches? If not, I do….ALOT.

Did I tell you that Matt, my son, turned 18 yesterday? Oh, and he graduates high school tomorrow, so I needed to schedule and coordinate a party for him on Saturday.

And, in the middle of all this, I have two contracts waiting to be signed for some website work based on proposals I’ve drawn up.

I forgot to mention that we are also getting a new puppy. For you loyal readers, my beloved Sadie is always with us sitting on our mantel in our family room, but Sarge needs a playmate. So, Lucy (thanks to Margie, her newly appointed Godmother for the name suggestion), another German Shepard, will be joining our family on June 11th.

Macho, a rather HUGE shepard at 16 months, will be joining our brood if we ever get a damn yard. So, Sarge will have two more dogs to play with, and I will have more dog poop to pick up. But, I love them too much to say no, and I’ve never been a one dog owner.

Dave wants to see me careening down the sidewalks of Wheaton with three large German Shepards. He’s so sweet….I just want to stab him in the knee.

So, now you know why you haven’t heard from me lately. It’s not from a lack of trying – really. I’ve started to write things only to be interrupted by rejected offers, visiting puppies in far away places, tending to my poor husband’s mending knee (Yes, he is doing better!), and being nostalgic over my son turning into an adult and meeting a milestone that I thought for sure I’d screw up for him raising him on my own. Thankfully, I am wrong. He turned out great.

Shit….Now I have to deal with college.


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