Lucy’s Got Some ‘Splannin’ To Dooooooo

It’s 3:30 a.m. and my husband shoves me on my arm. The hand gestures to me were as follows:

1. He points to me.

2. He gives me a thumbs up and thrusts his hand up in the air.

It’s my turn.

Lucy is 8 weeks old and needs to be potty trained as well as crate trained.  The last time I had to crate train and potty train a dog was over 12 years ago. When we got Sarge, he was already crate trained and took to potty training outside easily.

So, you can imagine at 3:30 in the morning as it was raining outside, I waited very patiently for Lucy to do her business as I said, “Go Potty”, at least a dozen times until she no longer followed my feet, but rather squatted to relieve herself.

Having a puppy is like having a baby. They sleep alot, eat alot, and need to relieve themselves every two hours whether you’re in the middle of a crisis or not. If you go over that limit, keep that spot remover handy because someone’s gonna be leaving you a present on your carpet!

Lucy has learned to climb the stairs. With GREAT effort, her little legs manage to hoist her round belly up the twelve stairs to the second floor where I greet her with lots of kisses and praise.

Ok! Time to go downstairs!!!! Lucy looks down the stairs and then looks up at me saying, “No F’ing way, Mommy.” Apparently, puppies have terrible depth perception at 8 weeks of age and think that there is no other stair to go down. They’ll just tumble all the way to the bottom of the steps.

At night, when Lucy is pretty exhausted, she climbs the stairs and actually takes a breather at around step 4. She’ll just lay there for a moment on the step, and then finish climbing the remaining stairs.

Along with the stair climbing, she has also mastered biting. I forgot how sharp and painful puppy teeth are.  From toes to fingers, she wants a piece of you. Even Sarge can’t escape her chops. Lucy will bite at Sarge’s paws and he quickly tucks his paws under his body so she can’t get to him. She also likes to bite his tail……much to his dismay. Otherwise, I must say that Sarge has become a rather tolerant older brother for his younger sister and will gently play tug of war with her – when he feels like it. Otherwise, he’ll just rip a toy out of her mouth (one that he hasn’t played with since Christmas), and start playing with it like it was the only toy around.

Teaching dogs to share is difficult.

But, if there is one thing that makes Lucy unique amongst any of the dogs I’ve owned over my lifetime, it’s the fact that she groans. When she sleeps, she groans. When you pick her up, she groans. When she sees something she wants, she whimpers and then she groans. And, when she wants to be with Sarge she groans.

Sarge has become her hero, so to speak. So, when she barks in the mirror and sees herself as the evil intruder, Sarge can come to rescue her.

Wherever Sarge goes, Lucy wants to go. If we go outside to “Go Potty”, Sarge comes too, or else Lucy won’t go. If Sarge picks up a stick and starts playing with it, Lucy will find a stick as well.

I’ve taken both of them for walks because they like to be together. However, Lucy’s little legs can’t keep up with Sarge’s, so I normally end up carrying her for a portion of the walk because it’s just too much for her.

Sarge corrals her when she doesnt’ listen to me. When I tell her to “Come here, Lucy!” and she goes in the opposite direction, Sarge will run up to her and stick his nose in her body to turn her around.

They are becoming fast friends and I believe will be inseparable as the months and years roll on by. Sarge is smart enough to know he can’t be rough with her. But, in time they’ll be able to play at an even playing level.

Just wait Sarge. She’s gonna rule the roost in a few months!


4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Got Some ‘Splannin’ To Dooooooo

  1. OMG! This is by far the cutest post I have ever read!!!! I love how Sarge helps teach her everything and corrals her- what a great big brother. Maybe Sarge can help teach Stella a thing or two 🙂 There’s going to be a few new babies coming to the family soon…. maybe another one besides Stella 🙂 (you should talk to The Donner)

  2. Shtu up! They’re getting a new puppy???? Oooh, when I see her on Friday, I’m gonna get the goods from her! We’ll have to get them all together for a playdate!!!!!

  3. This post has made my day! How sweet Sarge is. He is going to be a big help in training Lucy. BTW he is a beautiful dog. I am glad I ran across your blog I loved reading this post and meeting your two sweeties. Hugs and nose kisses

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