Who Has a Bucket List?

When I hear people say, “That’s on my bucket list of things to do”, my immediate thought is, “I would never put that on my bucket list.” Why would I want to climb the Swiss Alps? I hate snow. Drop me off in the middle of nowhere to survive on the land alone? No thanks. I wouldn’t make it for two hours without looking for a plant that produces alcohol.

I suppose I should have a bucket list, but I don’t. Does that make me a person without goals? I don’t think so. I’m a pretty driven individual, so anything that is on my bucket list (if I had one), doesn’t stay on there for very long.

However, little things that people talk about, like TV shows that I’ve never seen, make me think I’m missing out on something and that I should add it to my bucket list of things to do. However, I choose not to watch Glee or Grey’s Anatomy or “Any City” CSI, or any of those violent crime shows. Why?……

If I offend any Glee watchers, I’m sorry. But, I just can’t get into that whole musical singing and dancing thing when I could be watching Bear Gryls try to eat worms in order to survive in the Congo. (I swear, if Dave makes me watch another episode of that, I’ll puke).

The only exception to the singing and dancing extravaganzas was when I was young watching the “Brady Bunch”. Sherwood Schwartz (my hero), created this show just for me when I was younger. Although I haven’t seen an episode in probably two years, I would still be able to tell you within the first few seconds of any show what it’s about – simply by the music and the opening scene. Jan’s going to the library without her glasses? Guess what happens next? Or, what about Buddy Hinton picking on Cindy for her “Baby Talk” and next thing ya know, Peter learns how to box. That ominous music in Hawaii? Greg gets hit in the head during a surfing contest by a giant rock while wearing that little “taboo” around his neck. I know it all. You can ask me any question, and I’ll have the answer WITHOUT googling it. And, don’t ask me about the dog’s name. We all know it was Tiger. Fluffy was the cat’s name…..Next?

I just discovered something for my bucket list: To purchase the complete collection of Brady Bunch shows on DVD. Is that in existence? I’ll have to find out. If so, I’ll never leave the house. It would be like watching all six seasons of the Sopranos. I couldn’t stop. My body left a permanent indentation in the couch. I lost 10 pounds….so did the dogs.

And, as far as crime shows are concerned, I just can’t watch them. The grim reality of the TV news in combination with Allison Rosati’s hideous wardrobe make me just want to read a book, or go on Facebook. Although for some strange reason, I’m compelled to watch the Nightly News with Brian Williams. He makes the news seem more palatable. Relatable. He seems like a really cool guy. The kinda guy you’d have over for pizza and beer and play cards or watch the Brady Bunch.

Oooh! Another thing to add to my bucket list: Have Brian Williams over for pizza, beer and watch all the Brady Bunch episodes on DVD. I think he’ll decline my invite, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Other than those things, I’m a pretty simple person. I don’t ask for much other than for my family to greet each day with a pulse and all their limbs intact, and know that they are truly happy with where they are in their lives.

What’s on your Bucket List?


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