Your Own Personal Time Capsule

If you could make your own personal time capsule, what would you put in it?

Pretty deep question when you think about it. I’d have to go back….way, way back into my personal time machine and think from the time I was a child until now on what were the greatest, most personal items that signified important events in my life and made me into the person I am today.

So, what would I include?…..hmmmm…..

1. My long braid of hair (which I no longer have). But, if I DID have it, it would go in my time capsule. My hair as a 7 year old was down to my rear end, much to my mothers dismay, and she cut took me to the hair salon to chop it off and give me a butch haircut.

This changed me as the person I am today because I refuse to have short hair. I was called a boy so many times, I lost track. Think of the character “Pat” from SNL. Enough said.

2. My early writings as a budding young author. My mom thought my essays in grade school were hysterical (so did the teachers), and she kept almost every single one of them. These I DO have and would put into my time capsule. I guess I still like to write – I mean I AM blogging here….

3. My first pair of jeans. I really didn’t wear jeans until I was 13. Why? because I was too fat to wear them before then. This first pair of jeans was an awesome moment for a young woman such as myself, who lost all her babyfat and started to bud in places young woman were supposed to be budding. I also started getting boyfriends, so I guess the jeans were the reason why. I’m sure it wasn’t my sparkling, effervescent, rage-like, cheerleader-ish personality.

4. My Lancette Sweater. In high school, I was a Lancette. This was NOT a cheerleader. I repeat….This was NOT a cheerleader. Lancettes danced and choreographed steps and movements to music we chose each week from football season all the way thru the end of basketball season. Oh! and, I would also put my Spangle outfit in my time capsule as well. This was the glittery sequined, sexy number all the Seniors wore (along with patent leather knee high white boots), for our final dance on the floor. They reminded me of Goldie Hawn when she was in the 1970’s T.V. hit show, “Laugh In”.

5. Pictures of my son from when he was an infant thru today….one for each year….preferrably with ME in them so I can see how much I’ve aged into an old hag, and how much he’s grown into a fine looking young man.

6. My travel scrapbooks from Rome, France and my wedding to Dave in Maui. Old plane tickets, champagne corks, leis, wedding vows, bar coasters, random pictures – all of which bring back a flood of great memories. If I could also put in my time capsule all the meals we had in Rome and bottle up the tastes and smells, that would be cool too! Dave and I would have a three hour lunch and then walk drunk along the cobblestone sidewalks strolling into the Pantheon and the Coliseum.

7. Pictures of every single dog I’ve ever had the priviledge of loving and receiving love in return.

8. A picture of my husband sleeping. He looks handsome at any given point of the day or night, but he is just SUPER handsome when he’s sleeping. Why? Because his mouth is shut.

9. Pictures of my sister and I when we were little. These remind me of our first home in Hanover Park, and the “play room” we used to have. Playing restaurant and me chopping off her Skipper Doll’s hair along with obsessing over David Cassidy from the Partridge Family, and having our own little girl band called “The Sunshine Girls” with our neighbors, The Furlongs.

10. The rhinestone watch my dad gave to my mom for their first wedding anniversary. It was the very first piece of jewelry that my dad spent alot of money on for my mom. He worked two jobs while going to night school to pay for that watch. The face of the watch is covered and opens up with a clasp….you can still wind it to make it work.

What would you put in your own personal time capsule?


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