Did Allison Rosati Hear My Complaining?

I have to say that I have not had to take to Facebook recently to pen a “Dear Allison Rosati” rant about her wardrobe.

What’s up with that? I feel like something is missing from my early evening routine. I am no longer feeling faint and passing out from her bright lime green suit coat and her rorshach patterned shirt that also made me a little nauseous.

Her chunky soap on a rope jewelry that her kids made for her in arts and crafts class is now replaced with more subtle jewelry. Albiet, she wears alot of the same jewelry, at least it looks like it wasn’t made from paper mache.

Look, the woman is married to a very wealthy doctor and has like, a camp full of kids which could fill a school bus. She’s a high profile local TV anchor, so I’m sure she makes some decent change. So, I’m thinking that maybe she should host a jewelry party or something….get some free stuff. Or, maybe she can go shopping!!!!

I hate shopping for clothes. I am the exception to most of the women out there who love to shop. I can’t stand it because the choices overwhelm me. The only time I go shopping for clothes is when I absolutely NEED to get something. Then, I drag myself to the mall and get pissed off with every passing hour because I haven’t made one purchase and literally, at times, walk out empty handed.

When I needed to get a dress for my niece’s shower, my sister told me about a personal shopper at Nordstrom’s who would take care of everything for me. Really?? I’m up for that – one stop shopping, have her put outfits together for me so I don’t throw my hands up in frustration….sounded great!

My sister, niece and I went a few months ago and met Nicole, who is the BEST. We walked into the bridal suite area and in each room she had set up several dresses with matching shoes, purses and accessories….pinch me.

The very first dress I tried on was the one I bought for my niece’s wedding. Of course, I had to try on the Jimmy Choo shoes and and earrings and matching bracelets. The outfit looked fabulous, and it took me 20 minutes to get it, thanks to Nicole. It couldn’t have been easier….. It was also the most expensive outfit I ever bought in my LIFE.

These personal shoppers make you look like a million bucks. Your vanity takes precedence over your wallet and you start to use insane reasoning for spending $600 bucks on a pair of shoes.

“How many times does my niece get married?”

“I’ll need to get some mileage out of these shoes, so let’s buy more dresses!”


Yep – that’s what ended up happening. I not only bought a dress for her wedding, but I bought a dress for her shower and another dress for another wedding – all to take the guilt away from paying alot of money for a pair of shoes.

But, the good thing is that I didn’t walk away empty handed and frustrated. I also didn’t walk out of the mall with a rorshach patterned dress with a soap on a rope necklace. If it wasn’t for Nicole, that’s what would have happened.

So, to all the personal shoppers out there, I commend you! It’s people like me who need YOU for fashion survival.


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