SEO and Link Building Strategies

I know, I know….not your normal post from Pegleg Web Designs, but I am a Web Designer and the topic with my clients lately has been about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the numerous strategies that are out there to get your website noticed and provide a higher page ranking on search engines.

One of the main strategies is inbound linking, or link building strategies. Simply stated, you need to get your website link on other websites, focusing on keywords that you want to rank for. Google looks at page ranking like a popularity contest – the more inbound links your website has, it shows Google (or other search engines), that your site is gaining in popularity and therefore, may be ranked higher in searches. I say “maybe“, because link building strategy is just one of several ways to boost your SEO.

Link building isn’t easy, and it’s not that intuitive until you actually start doing it. There are also various methods, to which I will cover four of them on this blog.

Keep in mind that this takes patience, Grasshopper. A good link building strategy can take up to five years to achieve.

Level 1. Before I start on this level, I need to stress that you should already have a good keyword strategy and that you have optimized each page on your site with those targeted keywords in mind. Level 1 doesn’t require anyone else’s help. With the glut of business directories out there for your particular industry, you can submit your website url and description of the company. Most are free, but others require a fee. I’ve mentioned several times during my presentations and discussions with clients, and this is a good place to start along with any industry specific directories that would rank high on search engines based on specific keywords you are targeting for your business.

Some people tell me that they’ve heard of companies that can do all this linking strategy stuff for you and GUARANTEE you a first page spot on Google. Like I’ve said before, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Don’t waste your money on those businesses who offer link building on your behalf. 1. You don’t know how legit they really are and can get your website and business in alot of hot water with Google if this business is black hatting links. 2. You’re a small business owner and are used to putting a little elbow grease into everything you do, so link building for your website should be no exception.

Level 2. Make sure you launch a blog before we get into this level of link building strategy because you need something with some good optimized content to link to. Since we are on level 2, it will require a bit more time and probably some cash on your part. Article marketing and press releases create relevant content to your specific industry. Additionally, if you are writing articles and want them to be published or syndicated elsewhere, that takes some research and time to get picked up by someone. However, writing articles and press releases with keyword strategies and links to support those keywords will raise your rankings for those specific keyword search terms.

Level 3. Ok…’s getting harder, but the effort will pay off. Networking and getting referrals. This strategy takes persistence and patience and alot of time building relationships with businesses that obviously compliment yours, yet do not compete with your industry specific product or service.

You can start by reading other people’s blogs who are in the same industry as yours. Start commenting on them. Any type of social media with a one on one communication is a good start. The goal is to build a relationship with that fellow blogger and either write a blog or article on their blog or website.

Secondly, networking with complimentary businesses that you can put your website link onto their site with the reciprocal effort on their part to do the same on your site is a win/win situation for both parties because you’ve both achieved an inbound linking strategy.

Level 4. At this point, you’ve done most of the hard work already. Now you need to maintain. Keep writing quality content with some link strategies, and keep guest blogging and writing articles.

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is that they don’t blog often enough, or stop after only a month or two. It takes effort and time in order to make your blog successful. So, if you are serious about having your business gain a higher search engine ranking, don’t expect your website to do it all for you. You need to keep writing quality content that is relatable, interesting, funny and will build relationships in the long term.


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