I’m Voting For Myself….

Have you seen the public debates? Have you seen Herman Cain on endless cable channels deflecting sexual harassment charges?

I know you have – you don’t live in a cave.

So, I had dinner with my best friend, Cindy, and Dave last night to celebrate a very late birthday dinner for Cindy (sorry, Cin…better late than never!). And, as usual our topic of conversation can run on a wide spectrum – ridiculous fashion statements, sensible shoes, monkey impressions and of course, politics. You would think that politics wouldn’t fit into any of these categories, but when you combine monkey impressions with politics, for some reason it makes complete sense to me.

Every single one of these political candidates is an idiot. Perry? He can’t talk himself out of paper bag. Romney? We can all make wooden puppets out of him with staples and velcro and put him on a fence with duct tape since he can never seem to make up his mind about his stance on topics. Cain rhymes with credibility and the two don’t go hand in hand in my humble opinion.

Yes, it’s my humble opinion and my blog, so if ya don’t like it, let’s hear your comments.

What about Michelle Bachman? She’s suddenly been tight lipped since her outburst about some shot for kids that causes mental retardation. I think she’s afraid to say anything for fear that it won’t be truthful enough, or that her team didn’t do their fact searching well enough. But, if you’re going to run for the President of the United States, you should be,  ya know…….pretty darn certain in your convictions and facts, don’t ya think?

So, we are officially less than one year away from the presidential elections and as we discussed this dilemma over dinner, the end question was, “Well, who would you vote for?” I said, “Myself.”

You can write in anyone you want on a ballot. And, since I think all of these current candidates are complete numbskulls, I’m putting my name in the ring…. on election day.

Voting for myself – Yaaay for me! My first item on my political agenda is to have single terms for everyone in Congress and the Senate. You will not be allowed to serve for over 30 years. Also, you will not be paid after you leave office for the rest of your life. Write a book. Do consulting work. Go back to being a lawyer. Be a life coach! Why should you get paid after you leave office after you did a shitty job to begin with?

I want dogs to have medical care just like humans. It costs me about $5,000 a year to take care of my pups. That didn’t include the emergency surgery a few years back for Sarge….Add another $8,000 to that….out of pocket.

I want to outlaw check writing at the grocery store. I also want to outlaw people in the checkout line who break up their grocery cart items into two or even THREE separate transactions – with coupons – and checking writing. Oh, and they want cash back and fricking postage stamps.

As of today, we’ve only seen Republican debates, and I’m sure the Democratic debates won’t be any different….whenever those dummies decide to come around and have one.

I’m not an “Occupy Wall Street” person. I’m not going to run thru the street with my hair on fire yelling “Stone all the Politicians!” Let’s not go back to the 1700’s, but for God’s sake, can we please, PLEASE get someone in the Presidential seat who can get our nation back to normal? Whatever that was?

So, I know plenty of you read this blog – I see the stats. So, now is the time to speak and take a stance. What are your feelings toward this future election? Do you have any sense of security and credibility from any of the candidates you’ve heard from thus far?


2 thoughts on “I’m Voting For Myself….

  1. Great Idea — I been voting for myself since the re-election of Bush in 2004.. If I had the funds I would send a new idea to the American people (youtube videos, tweets, bloggs, bill-boards..etc) — “VOTE 4 U” – Because no current Candidate/Politician Is worth ur vote!!!

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