If I add all the numbers up it equals 5. Five is one of my lucky numbers, next to the number 3. So, will 2012 be a good year for moi? Do I believe in rubbing a rabbit’s foot for good luck? Kicking tires to determine if a car is decent to buy? Wishing on a falling star (like I see those every night). No. Nancy doesn’t believe in all that crap.

This is what Nancy believes (as she starts to talk to you in third person…..):

Nancy believes that if you work hard for something, you’ll be rewarded with good stuff. she’s not into that Steve Jobs philosophy where if you will it to happen, it will happen. That stuff didn’t turn out too well for him. That’s like convincing yourself that if you stare at something for a really long time, it will go up in flames….or turn into a frog, or have a goat fall over.

Nancy is also a firm believer in karma. If you do something good for others’, it will be returned in kind. She also believes that if someone tries to ruin your life, they’ll receive penance for it, or as the karmic saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”

So, as we start out on a new year the word, “Resolution” is constantly overheard in restaurants, bars, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms (as you stand on the scale with your jaw wide open).

Let’s go back to my third paragraph. Nancy believes that if you work hard for something, you’ll be rewarded with good stuff. Get it? So, if you’re one of those people who always makes a resolution and doesn’t end up sticking to it, it’s your own fault for not working hard enough for it.

Is your resolution to be on page one of Google? It’s a part-time job these days. It takes work to set time aside to write your weekly blog, send out that monthly e-newsletter, stay in front of social media sites and continue with your inbound marketing strategies. If you say you aren’t getting enough traffic to your site, then ask yourself if you’ve done the above religiously. If you haven’t, then you aren’t working hard enough to attain that number one page ranking.

Is your resolution for your child to graduate with straight A’s? This maybe a little bit out of your control because it requires your child to do most of the work, but you can work hard at explaining to them the virtues of strong grades and a solid academic career. It pays off in the long run. This is what alot of kids don’t understand today because it isn’t right in front of their faces with immediate rewards. I just had a flash back to being a parent of a little leaguer and “everyone is a winner.” WTF is that about? Kids want immediate rewards today because of that exact philosophy. Afraid of hurt feelings? Screw you. It’s a parent’s job to prepare their kid for the real world. When they graduate college (IF they graduate college), you’ll know whether or not you’ve had a large part of working hard toward that goal.

Let’s talk about weight. EVERYONE says they want to lose weight. EVERYONE says that right after New Year’s they’re gonna start hitting the gym every……single……day. So, are you? I can tell you statistically speaking from the amount of cars at the Lifetime Fitness parking lot from January 1st thru the end of February it’s pretty packed. After that, the attendance drops like the Hiroshima Bomb. Why? You didn’t want to lose that weight badly enough, and you only have yourself to blame. Don’t blame the cookies on the shelf – they shouldn’t be there to begin with. Don’t blame your job – if you want to lose weight badly enough, carve out time in your schedule to do it and STICK TO IT. But, then don’t reward yourself with an hour at the gym by going home and eating a whole frozen pizza.

What’s that you say? Nancy’s a bitch? Do I care about your attitude right now? I could care less about what you think of my philosphy here because you know what? I’m right.

You say I’m a bitch because no one likes to hear the damn truth. But, here it is:

My resolution for 2012 is that I want YOU to succeed. I want 2012 to be the best year you’ve ever had because you worked hard for it and deserve great rewards.

Turn off the television. The news is depressing enough. Read more. Go back to school. Exercise. Get on that first page of Google. Do something to make you feel better about yourself because you worked hard for it!

Who deserves a better 2012???? YOU DO!


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