Dogs vs. People

Margie said something today on Facebook that made me write about this. She said, “Dogs are nicer than people.”

I have two dogs: Sarge and Lucy. Both are pure bred German Shepards.

Sarge is my five year old lap dog. He’s about 100 pounds, comes up to my hips in height and when he jumps up to put his paws on my shoulders stands about as tall as I. Sarge gets a bad reputation. I guess because of his size and his color (mostly black with no saddle), people mistake him for a small pony. They either fear him or stop me during our walks to say what a beautiful dog he is.

I’ve been a dog owner/lover my whole life and this has never happened to me before. Sarge is really a beautiful dog, but to us, he’s more than a dog – he’s part of our family. My kid. My sensitive, kind, highly protective child who would kill a squirrel for me because it was invading my backyard….or HIS personal space.

Lucy, or Lucipher, as we call her, is our 8 month old Devil Dog. I picked her from the litter because she seemed highly independent and didn’t really whimper or care about what the other puppies were wandering off to. I think I made a mistake. She’s very mouthy and lets out huge moans and sighs when she stretches. She also likes to be petted…..on her own terms. In other words, She’s your typical girl.

I’m contemplating getting a third German Shepard. People think I’m nuts. I’ve always wanted a “coat” German Shepard. These are big, fluffy hair German Shepards with really beautiful long tails. I thought that they would shed more than my two current dogs, but fortunately, they shed much less. Don’t ask me how – ask my breeder. But, I want a “coat” German Shepard from Macho, one of my breeder’s dogs, who I think just has the sweetest disposition….next to Sarge’s. So, I’m waiting until another litter comes along and we’ll see if we can get another boy.

If you’re a dog lover, you can relate to what I’m about to say next: I think dogs are nicer than people. Dogs don’t talk back to you (except for Lucy), they love you unconditionally, don’t talk behind your back  (they’ll dig into the trash behind your back or destroy paper towels, but I digress). They respect your requests, want to constantly shake your hand or give you kisses, and they’ll protect you against ANYTHING.

They are ALWAYS happy to see you – tails wagging, smiling, jumping up to say hi, peeing from excitement. Most humans won’t pee upon meeting you, but ya never know. If you happen to know a human who has pee’d in his/her pants upon meeting you, please reply to this blog. At least with dogs you know their happiness is genuine. With humans, their happiness may be a facade or obligatory feeling because they want something from you.

Eating is a several step process with my “kids”. I should give Sarge and fork and a knife since he takes so long to eat his meal. Sometimes he’ll look at me like he’s saying, “This isn’t done to my expectations. Take it back, CLOWN.” He’s probably wondering why I didn’t offer him a napkin and light candles by his bowl for ambience. So, as he’s eating his meal piece by piece……

Lucy hauls her mouth right into her bowl and chows down. She eats so fast, she’ll cough up a few morsels and then eat them up again…..At least she cleans up after herself. She’ll do a mid-meal torso stretch, drink some water, and then finish off the meal with a few cookies.

Both of these scenarios are just like people I know, except the ones that cough up their food, don’t bother to clean up after themselves, or they don’t bother to wipe their mouths or hands after a meal.

Maybe I think dogs are better than people because they are always there for you. You can depend on them, talk to them, ask them for guidance. They won’t talk back, but at least you have a good sounding board. If they do talk back, I have a name of a good Psychologist for you. People become judgemental, or they don’t give a crap about your problems, or they offer advice that is completely idiotic making you think they ate paint chips when they were little….”are you really an executive at your corporation? You really should be making balloon animals instead.”

And, when your “child” dies you feel a huge loss. You mourn their death just like you would a family member because that “child” treated you with unconditional love, attention and companionship when all you had was a T.V. and a bad frozen dinner with $50 bucks in your checking account.

I surround myself with dogs because I love their dispositions and their kindness – they also let me know when something or someone isn’t right. They sense fear or hate and they’ll let you know by not liking the person they meet. People don’t do that for you unless they are really, REALLY good friends. People won’t be honest enough to tell you what they think of someone because they don’t want to “get in the middle” of something, or “start an argument.” Instead, they say to themselves that it’s really none of their business and provide you with a vanilla answer. Note to self: Hang out with really, REALLY good friends who can give you honest advice.

Dogs don’t have a gray area. They tell it like it is. I tell it like it is and alot of people don’t like that, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I’m proud of that….Thanks Dad.

What about you, reader? Do you prefer dogs over people? Why?


One thought on “Dogs vs. People

  1. I love your blog because you tell it like it is! I blog with the legal world as my audience, and so I blog with caution. Some would disagree, but that’s their problem.
    With dogs, there is one universal truth: They exude love and loyalty that is life-affirming and healing.
    Consider this: You take a puppy for a walk and the world stops to pet it and hold it and collect puppy kisses because there is a special love unique to puppies (and some adult dogs as well).
    It leaves me wondering if I should try a little experiment. . .take a puppy to all my depositions and trials and see if some of the tension doesn’t melt away.

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