Too Much Reality Here

I believe that reality t.v. has gone overboard with reality to the point of  thinking to myself, “Who realistically watches this crap?”

Did t.v. marketers figure out that there was a demographic out there who would watch the trash that is deemed reality t.v.? I can assure you they didn’t.

I can make my own reality t.v. show: “My Life Picking Up Dog Hair.” or how about, “Dog Poop Wars.” Better yet…..”Web Design Makeover – EXTREME EDITION.”

So, I did a little research on all these reality shows popping up, and frankly, I’m shocked that people actually watch them:

1. “16 and Pregnant.” Isn’t one of the girls in prison now? Is this reality show supposed to show young 16 year old girls how not to act, or is this show to air dirty laundry and eventually lose custody of your children? Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s for the cash, since she needs a lawyer and all….

2. “19 Kids and Counting.” Why would anyone want to watch the Duggar’s and their instrument playing, diaper changing, church bibling, non-babysitter family on tv? Doesn’t watching a family with 19 kids give you an anxiety attack? I’ve got one kid and I want to kill him most of the time. I actually think this picture has some of the kids cut out because they didn’t have a panoramic lens….

3. “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss.” Now, between the two the difference is one is not a family and the other is a big Italian family. Honestly, I’ve watched both and like Cake Boss better only because I’m Italian and can relate to how they all act. But, really? Sometimes, their parties are way over the top to the point of ridiculousness.

4. “The Apprentice.” No thanks. Can’t stand The Donald, his puss-like face and his orange comb-over. Not to mention that cast of clowns he has on every season.

5. Any “Bachelor or Bachelorette” Series. Who, honestly thinks that the contestants on either series is looking for love? It’s more like looking for their 15 minutes of fame and trying to see who can remain on the show without any claw marks. It’s fake and NOT fabulous and should just go away.

6. “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Really? Who thought this was a good idea to put on t.v.? I’ve never seen the show, but I can imagine spoiled, rotten little girls getting facials and putting makeup on their face with wardrobes more expensive than you or I, putting on fake smiles while their drill sargeant mom is in the background with a whip or a fake consolation when she loses…..”Everyone’s a winner.”

7. “Growing Up Gotti.” Ok – I admit I’ve watched a few of these, and have realized that the woman with the long, fake blonde hair is ready to crack.

8. Any “Real Housewives” Episode. This is just dirty laundry, with catty women talking behind each others’ backs, looking for social status and clubbing. Why is this entertainment for people?

9. “Hoarding – Buried Alive.” I have never seen a show only previews and that’s about all I want to see. Who is the demographic interested in watching this show? Raise your hand if you live amongst filth and boxes piled up to the ceiling and LOVING IT.

10. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” How about, “Keeping the Hell Away From the Kardashians?” That would be better. These people have had so much over-exposure, they’ve become bigger than Kim’s ass.

11. “The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom.” What the hell is this about? Do ALL soccer mom’s have a secret life? Do they booze it up while the kids are at soccer? Have affairs? Are CIA agents? What???? What’s the draw here?

12. “Survivorman.” Although I like the idea of this series, sometimes I just can’t stomach it. Having to live on the land for days, makes one very resourceful. You never know when you could be stuck on a remote island or desolate area with nothing but the clothes on your back. I like to be prepared. But, I don’t know if I could eat half the stuff he finds and tells me it’s “highly nutritional with a great deal of protein.” If it’s got 8 legs and it’s hairy – I’m not eating it.

13. “Supernanny.” There is nothing worse than watching families on t.v. get taken over by their own little kids. Shit – I can watch this in real life at the grocery store for god’s sake – why would I want to watch this on t.v?

The list can go on and on and here it is:


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