Nothing Says True Love Like……

People have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. People belong in two distinct categories:

A. You LOVE Valentine’s Day with all the candy, flowers, hearts floating in the air over your head, jewelry and cards.

B. You HATE Valentine’s Day because one day out of the year shouldn’t be devoted to showing someone you love them. EVERY DAY should be devoted to showing someone you love them. But more importantly, (and far less sappy), is that it’s a Hallmark holiday. It’s become almost an expectation that people buy and receive something that resembles a heart wrapped in foil and tastes like chocolate.

So, this got me to thinking…….

How does one express their true love to another? I’m going to give you two lists because I’m a two list kinda gal. One is sincere while the other is full of disdain and sarcasm which is more normal for me.

The Sincere List

Nothing Says True Love Like:

  1. Telling someone you love them every single day
  2. Bringing them coffee when they would normally get it on their own
  3. Massaging their feet or back if they’ve had a long day
  4. Cuddling….as often as possible
  5. Always let them know you appreciate everything they do for you
  6. Be a good listener and offer advice to a problem they may have
  7. Compromising. It is the key to a balanced relationship
  8. Helping them accomplish their dreams

The Sarcastic List

Nothing Says True Love Like:

  1. Taking on a full load of firewood that’s been dumped on your driveway and piling each individual sliver laden piece onto the firewood holder by yourself, neatly stacking it and covering it with a tarp to keep it dry, just like a freaking baby.
  2. When someone notices stray hairs in his ear and asks you to get the tweezers to remove them. This requires surgery with precise handheld precision since the hairs are 1/16″ of an inch long and are invisible.
  3. Cleaning up dog poop in the backyard in the pouring rain so your significant other doesn’t have to deal with it.
  4. Cleaning up dog poop in the corner of the basement so your significant other doesn’t beat the crap out of the dog who did it.
  5. Making sure that when you clean his office the planes on his desk are facing due south. This is NOT a joke. I turned them upside down and sideways a few times, and he finally told me that he thinks his desk is possessed.
  6. Staring over him like Paranormal Activity while he naps hoping that he’ll open his eyes and you’ll scare the living shit out of him.
  7. Punching him when you sleep….accidentally due to a very vivid dream.
  8. Screaming him awake while you sleep (coincides with number 7).
  9. Asking him to kill a big spider in the basement while you are cleaning it, and then ask him to finish cleaning the basement because you don’t want to come across another spider thingy…..and he does it for you.
  10. Carrying someone up the stairs who can’t see straight and put them to bed until “it” passes.
  11. Verbal harassment. As long as both of you can dish it out AND take it, it’s alot of laughs!

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