This Whole Concept is Very Pinteresting….

I’m a Pinterest addict. There is an I.V. drip next to my computer feeding me since I find it hard to remove myself from my chair to even eat given all the fascinating stuff I’m discovering on this website.

Pinterest has increased their unique visitors 155% in just one month (from December of last year to January of this year). I find it fascinating not only to obtain information from like minded individuals as myself, but to also share information to those who are like me, or interested in the same stuff as I am.

What’s Pinterest You Ask? For those who keep hearing the word, but are afraid to open yet another Pandora’s Social Network Box, Pinterest can be used to market your business and allows users to visually share and discover new interests by “pinning” images or videos to their own or others’ pinboards. A collection of pins normally has a common theme.

You can either upload images from your computer, pin things you find on the web using the Pinterest bookmark, Pin It button, or just a website url. The concept of Pinterest is different from that of Linked In or Facebook: Pinterest is focused on a person’s lifestyle and discover those of liked-minded people to share ideas and possibly even collaborate. It’s a true inspirational atmosphere, and I’m discovering new blogs and tools for my business that I had no idea even existed until I started pinning my away around everyone’s pinboards!

How does one get started on Pinterest? Do you even want to go there? Well, if you sell a tangible product, or even a service – yes you do. Let’s say you’re an Interior Designer and you’ve just redone a beautiful entrance for a home in Costa Rica. You can take a really beautiful picture of that entrance way and then post it on Pinterest with a link to  your blog or website. Keep in mind Pinterest is not about self promotion, but to share things you love and are proud to show for others’ to enjoy as inspiration.

Signing up to Pinterest is by invitation only, or if you know a friend who is already on Pinterest (like yours truly), ask them to invite you (it’s quicker). Register your account with the same email you use for your business. Choose your company name as your username and complete your profile information, including a company description, logo and link to your website. Be sure to “hide” your Pinterest profile from search engines in the OFF position so your profile can be indexed on search engines.

So, you have a business and am wondering how you can use Pinterest to market it. Hmmmm….good question. But, I have a few ideas for you (you didn’t think I wouldn’t have any ideas, did you?)

1. Use visual content you already have

2. Use infographics (I’ve seen GREAT ones on Pinterest for social media that I plan to share on this blog), and data charts from blogs or white papers you’ve written.

3. If you’ve written a book, use the book cover as a visual and link it to where it’s being sold online.

4. Use photos of your happy customers! This strongly supports your brand.

5. Host a contest. Check out Pinterest’s Terms of Service first though.

6. Add a “Pin It” button to your website. To get that button you can go to

7. Add links back to your website and landing pages in your pin description.

You can go onto Pinterest and check out a few brands that are using Pinterest in the right way: Chobani, Oreck, Etsy, Drake University, General Electric and Peapod, just to name a few. They’re using Pinterest correctly because they show how their product or service fits into someone’s lifestyle.

Check it out and Join Pinterest!!!!


2 thoughts on “This Whole Concept is Very Pinteresting….

  1. I’m one of those people that keeps hearing the word but is scared to open that can of worms because I don’t want to start it, get confused and it just get left, but your tips above definitely food for thought and make me think that maybe it could work =)

    1. Hi Matt – I thought i was too inundated with social media. However, Pinerest is not the same as other social media sites. It’s a great way to learn from other individuals who share the same career path as your own. I have found so many blogs and websites out there that I wouldn’t have known about had it not been for Pinterest. Also, the Humor section is hysterical! I start my day off my looking at it and posting an image on my facebook personal profile!

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