Should I Turn the Clock Back?

That old saying, “If only I’d known then what I know now…” made me pause when I recently turned 48.

Especially since I’m on Facebook (who isn’t?), I often recall memories with friends I’ve reconnected with on Facebook who I knew in high school.

I played it too safe in high school, but I was smart enough to have my sister pave the way to soften up my parents on the curfew rules ( at least when I became a Senior).

So, let’s apply the old adage, “If only I’d known then what I know now”, to a few circumstances:

  • If I knew back that in the 70’s platform shoes would make their way back into style in 2012, I would have kept my striped heeled macrame shoes I graduated in 8th grade with in 1978 and kept them….along with my spaghetti strapped long lace dress that  also seemed to make it’s way back into the 2012 wardrobe.
  • If I knew back in high school that boys thought without any gray area, I wouldn’t have obsessed over any of the breakups I had. What a waste of time!!!!
  • If I had realized how much I loved to write, I should have kept writing in those journals I started my sophomore year in high school. There would have been a best selling novel right there….damnit.
  • If I had realized that the sun really does damage the skin, I probably would have stopped tanning outside (as well as in a tanning booth) a long time ago. But, to be honest, it feels good to get some rays (fake or not). Just don’t turn orange or look like “Magda” from Something About Mary.
  • Knowing that I’m truly comfortable in my own skin, I can now speak freely and tell people how I really feel. If I had done that years ago, I’d probably be in jail or wouldn’t have any friends…..or both. I probably wouldn’t have gotten married the first time either.
  • If I had more patience when I was younger and wasn’t in such a damn hurry to grow up and be an adult (whenever THAT kicked in), I would have enjoyed my life more and not been so set on a fricking time clock….or blackberry….or pager.
  • If I had enough guts back in high school, I would have sneaked out of the house by removing the screen on my bedroom window back in 1980  just to have more time with my friends. My curfew was 10:00 pm!!!! What the hell!!??
  • If I had realized that guys in high school were just a mere snapshot of the “other guys” I was going to meet in my life, I never should have dated one person in high school for two years. What was I thinking???!!!!
  • If I had realized that smoking was going to cause such addiction and probably ruin my health years from now, I would have never started. But, we did that when we were young. Quitting wasn’t as bad as I thought, and I’m glad it’s not a crutch any longer.
  • If I had truly grasped the idea that at 18, I could  have done whatever the hell I wanted to, I would have said NO to alot of things…..and people.
  • If I was brave enough years ago to travel on my own to foreign countries, I would have. I didn’t realize how beautiful the other side of the Atlantic is. Me, and my stupid bubble I lived in…….jeeeeez.

However, there are some things you don’t need a lifetime to learn because the experiences and the path you pave in your life provides you with that learning curve along the way. The key is to not make the same mistake twice.

So, all the mistakes and experiences that I’ve had in my life up to this point have made me who I am today. Am I happy with the result?

Damn Straight.


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