Container Tipping, Cork Eating Dog

I saw it and couldn’t really fathom what could have happened.

I became a private investigator – not a very good one, who had to piece together a puzzle that happened in my yard.

I recently planted a vegetable garden and used wine corks with wooden skewers as place holders to identify where I had planted the seeds. I got this great DIY idea thru Pinterest.

So, there was my garden: Cucumbers, two rows of beans, oregano, thyme, parsley, spinach and carrots. All perfectly identified, watered, fertilized and ready to bloom.


Today when I went to water my garden I noticed something was a little “off”. My cork markers were missing…. like ALL of them.

This was stonehenge all over again. Mysteriously, my garden markers have been removed. But, what I didn’t mention was that my garden was protected thru chicken wire about three feet high; tall enough to out maneuver a rabbit or raccoon because they’re too fricking lazy to climb it. So, who the hell would take wine corks labeled with a sharpie attached to a wooden skewer?

Who would bother to hop over three feet of chicken wire, take the garden identifier and then get rid of it like the wind?

When I noticed they were missing, I started talking to myself out loud like my mother used to do when she opened up the refrigerator. “Where the hell would corks labeled parsley, go?” “My cucumber markers….I miss you!”

I started walking around the yard looking for my corks  and wooden skewers. I found one cucumber skewer amongst my spinach leaves. Just thrown out there like it wasn’t wanted. I felt bad.

I picked it up and placed it where it rightfully belonged. As I was looking for any remnants of other corks or wooden skewers, I was watching my two German Shepards playing in the yard. As I sat observing them, I saw Lucy, our “Devil Dog” run toward the back of the garage where the garden was.

I slowly walked back toward the crime scene and noticed that the cucumber cork identifier for my garden that I had thoughtfully found AND replaced in its proper location was now laying on the grass OUTSIDE of the chicken wire fencing. The cork was wet with dog drool.


Devil Dog meticuously leaned over the chicken wire fencing, delicately picked up the cork  with her drool like jaw and picked it out of the dirt. She gently placed it on the lawn (probably because I called her name), and walked away.

What happened to the other victims? Oregano, Parsley, Thyme and one Carrot cork screw with wooden skewer are gone – like a tornado takes a house, they are nowhere to be found.

I wandered aimlessly thru my yard, talking to myself out loud, “Who the hell takes garden  shit? I mean, these are corks, for God’s sake.” But, then I started to see evidence that Devil Dog was at the root of the problem. One skewer was found on the lawn….another by the back door. However, there were no corks which leads me to believe (the big  private investigator that I’ve become), that she ate them.

She chewed them up like she chews up the tree limbs which fall after a bad storm.

So, on top of her tipping over my dirt filled pots (which have no plants yet), I now have to deal with her eating corks.

What dog does this?




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