Gen Y – Most Have the Same Old Fashioned Values

“We live in some messed up times. People sue each other for petty shit, men and women are unfaithful to each other, and people steal from others constantly. I wish I was born 50 years ago where I could throw a water ballon at someone without having every security guard on campus up my ass. I wish I could sleep with my door unlocked and not worry about my possessions being stolen. And I wish I had a girl that I could be proud of and trust.”Anthony Berkman, College Freshman

I saw this post on my Facebook wall. Anthony is a friend of my son, Matt. I’ve known Anthony for a long time and watched him grow up along side Matt throughout high school and now into college.

The first year of college is definitely a wake up call for alot of kids. Being on their own for the first time teaches them alot of hard knocks – hey, you learn from your mistakes, that’s how my parents taught me.

So, I was not shocked, but pleasantly surprised when I saw this post on Facebook that had over 40 likes to it and numerous comments all emphasizing and agreeing with what Anthony had posted.

All these people are Anthony’s age.

Sometimes I think Baby Boomers read and see one dimensional. If you live with a Gen Y kid, sometimes you may see them as self-centered and greedy, not wanting to put in a hard day’s work for an honest day’s pay, blah, blah, blah. I live with one, and I see both sides.

But, what I found refreshing in Anthony’s Facebook post was that he and his generation feel the same way that my generation does – We live in some messed up times right now. Our political system is total shit. I’m not voting for anyone come November since I have no trust in the government nor the system it is built around. I can write in whomever I want, so I’m voting for myself.

People sue others for petty shit. I agree with this. If you have a sidewalk that is cracked in the front of your house and someone walks by and trips on it breaking their dental work so they look like Mike Tyson you will probably get sued. That tree in your backyard that  keeps losing those fricking black walnuts onto your neighbor’s lawn? Your once nice neighbor, mowed his lawn one day and a walnut richocheted out of his mower, pelting him right in the left “nut” causing an E.R. visit. Who got the bill?

Men and women are unfaithful to each other and people steal from others’ constantly. Now, I guess this may come as a surprise to the Gen Y’ers out there, but unfortunately, these two things don’t change as you get older. Unless of course, you’re raised with good morals, and grow up to respect anothers’ personal property. Some adults don’t learn these attributes during their entire lives and it’s a damn shame.

I wish we could all live in Mayberry and turn the clock back; sleep with our doors unlocked, know all your neighbors and act neighborly with good intentions. TALK to one another rather than text one another. Run thru sprinklers on hot days and sit on your porch at night without getting a bullet thru your skull.

Times have changed, but I told Anthony that people really haven’t. He is evidence of it. If he has the same morals and principles that his parents brought him up to have, then paying it forward to others’ is the best that he and his generation can do to make our little garden of eden a better place to live.

Now, this is where I stress the word, “parents.” Kids learn young. They follow by example.

Parents need to learn the word accountability. Everyone needs to learn, understand and follow thru with accountability.

Accountability for your words.

Accountability for your actions.

So, let Anthony throw a water balloon on his college campus without some security guard chasing his sorry ass thru the commons. It’s water. It’s a balloon. Lighten up, Francis.


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