A Poem About Nothing

When you don’t work hard for what you want in life, your world will be filled with sadness and strife.

What do you have when you don’t give it your all? Nothing…. in one big, shitty ball.

You give and give and give some more, until you reach the bottom floor.

And when you get to the bottom floor, you’re given the choice between two doors.

Nothing or Everything.

Did you give everything, or did you give nothing?

Behind one door there is truth for future endeavors. Behind another lies sadness beyond measure.

Was it because you did Nothing or Everything?

The choices you make are yours alone, to sit under a hill or atop of a throne.

Make every day count for as long as you live, since the choices you make will be yours to forgive.

If you’re happy with nothing then place your bets, because in the end it will be nothing that you are sure to get.


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