Skydiving = Bucket List = AWESOME

My blog title pretty much tells the story.

It’s been on my bucket list for awhile, but when I saw last season’s episode of “Amazing Race” and one of the tasks they had to complete was jumping out of a plane at 7,000 feet, I told my husband that we HAD to do it.

He said, “No. YOU have to do it. I’ve had my fair share of jumps.”

Whatever. But, my problem is that if I didn’t have someone to go with me, I probably would have never gone. So, for my birthday, the hubs gave me my bucket list present, but the dive was a little higher than I anticipated: 14,000 feet.

“Don’t I need oxygen for an altitude that high?”

“I’m hoping you pass out, and I’ll give the guy a bigger tip if he drops you like a bag of rocks.”

Dave didn’t exactly put it into those words, because he loves me.

Really he does. That’s why he gave me a gift I will never EVER forget.

So, instead of giving you a verbal rundown I’ve got video. And, to those out there who think they look glamorous with a firm body bulleting during a free fall at 130 m.p.h., don’t bother making a reservation.

Don’t do your hair either.

Oh, and make sure your shoes are tied on tight. While I was there, TWO people lost one of their shoes on the way down. I hope they weren’t expensive Nike’s!!!!

It’s the best experience I’ve ever had in my life. And, because I wanted this so badly, I wasn’t scared at all. I was excited and just really wanted to enjoy the experience. I had to fly deaf, so when the chute opened, Dan took off my goggles, loosened up the pack, and I flew…….like a silent bird.

A silent, cold bird. But, if I had feathers – DAMNIT! I would have never come down.

I’m still flying high!!!


One thought on “Skydiving = Bucket List = AWESOME

  1. So fun to watch, Nancy! I was a little more scared than you when I did my jump. It took me a few more jumps to look as relaxed as you did. Your pre-jump video cracked me up. I made my pre-jump video for my mom and gave it to her for Christmas. When they asked if I had any last words, I said, “Look, Ma, no hands!” Who knew four words could make a mother cry so hard on Christmas morning. . .definitely not tears of joy! Clearly, I should have sent my jump video to you!


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