What’s with the …….Facebook?

93% of adults in the United States are on Facebook.

It’s a pretty safe bet that if you have a business, competitors within your market have a Facebook Fan Page for their business. Maybe you already have a fan page for your business.  Sometimes I create fan pages for my clients and design their cover images for them. I’ll instruct them that you can’t treat a fan page like you would a personal facebook profile. I also promote the use of Facebook Ads. Here’s how it works:

Who Do You Want To Reach?

C’mon, it’s Facebook! it’s a social network with a demographics smothered with details about your ‘fans’.  When you set up a Facebook ad, Facebook makes it pretty easy to help you establish your true target audience. They’ll ask you which gender you want to target? How much education do they have? They will allow you to choose certain age groups, provide specific locations going by city (i.e. ‘Chicago, Illinois’), or just by state(s). What kind of occupations do you want your target audience to have? Most importantly, what are your target audience interests?  This last one can span across a wide range, so be careful how you want to target that particular information. As an example, do you want to target someone who likes to bake, or do you want to target someone who likes baking cupcakes? Segregating this information almost always will get you a high response rate since it will match the right content with the right audience that you want to reach.

So, when you go onto Facebook and figure out who ‘likes’ baking cupcakes in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, California and Texas, you’ll quickly figure out that your target audience is bigger than you think. Remember…….93 million people.

Now you’re really excited! But, wait…..you have to pay for this out of your advertising budget. Crap. How much? That all depends on little ‘ol you. What can you afford? If it’s your first time advertising on Facebook, and you have a small advertising budget to work with – just stick your big toe in the water, for $300 – $500 bucks as a lifetime limit (meaning, once you reach  your budget, your ad automatically stops).

Trick Question: Clicks or Impressions?

If you choose for someone to ‘like’ your page, Facebook will charge you on a cost per thousand views basis. You pay based on the number of people that see your ad . If you choose to have someone actually click on your ad, you will be charged by each click (cost per click), meaning you pay a fee each time someone clicks on your ad.

eMarketer figured out that if someone ‘liked’ your fan page, it costs you roughly 45 cents for each person.  (Cue Sally Struthers: “That will feed a small child from Somalia each day). Exit Sally Struthers.

What Information Do They Want From You?

You have gotten people to ‘like’ your fan page with your ad, so they must have a reason for doing so.   How can you engage that person to take an interest in your posts and share a few of them?

As an example, my business is developing designing websites and working with clients with various online marketing strategies such as e-newsletters, blogging, and social media. So, I would probably guess that people who ‘like’ my page are either in the same business, a small business owner who is looking for information, or the person who likes technology, but doesn’t have any clue on where to start.

My rule of thumb: Make  your posts engaging. Provide images and video whenever possible. It’s a proven fact that people are drawn by visuals and more likely to click on the post to get more information when it’s something colorful. But most importantly, give your fans something to “chew” on. Got an upcoming event? POST IT! Did you just design a new product or establish a new service you want to share? POST IT! Maybe you found some interesting website or blog with tips regarding your business industry that would be a good read. Got a special running with a coupon? Let them know!

People want offers. People want to be educated. People want to read something they feel would be of value to them.

Sizing It Up

When you look at your Ads Manager in Facebook, you’ll be able to see some really fascinating stats:

  • Campaign Reach – how many people  have seen your ad
  • Frequency – the number of times each person saw your ad, either in their newsfeed or on the sidebar of their profile.
  • Clicks – the number of clicks that were made on your ad which either went to your website, or event, or whatever.
  • Actions – this number is the number of actions taken by people within 24 hours of seeing your ad. This is especially good to see when you run special offers (i.e. what was more successful than the other?”

As you can see, Facebook Ads offers some valuable stuff if you’ve done your homework with figuring out who you want to reach, promoting regularly, and providing relevant, relatable posts.

If you need help with Facebook Ads, contact me! I’ll offer up my services and help you get situated with your first Facebook Ad!


One thought on “What’s with the …….Facebook?

  1. Great information here, Nancy! I have some clients who have been pondering the pros and cons of advertising on Facebook. I know they’ll find this really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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