The Problem with TLC

I’m talking about the cable channel, not the acronym for “tender loving care.” TLC’s acronym should stand for “Thousands who are Lost and Crazy.”

What’s even worse, is that people actually watch this crap. Honey Boo Boo? Haven’t we seen enough spoiled six year old girls who want to play dress up? This show looks like a cross between “Toddlers and Tiaras” and trailer trash. They should probably throw in a few segments with Jillian Michaels because this family needs to lose some poundage.

Then between all the “Wars” shows, we now have “Craft Wars.” How did making crafts go from being fun and carefree to a downright war zone? I really hope contestants don’t go to extremes with their glue guns and start bedazzling their opponents faces or buttocks.

I said buttocks. That’s one of those words if said over and over again, you forget what it means and why someone would call it a buttocks to begin with. Anyway, I digress…..

Then there is “Big Tiny.” Primordial dwarves Bri and Brad Jordan are the world’s shortest living siblings. TLC says you should tune into this show to see their extraordinary lives. Add to this dwarf obsession, “The Little Couple,” and “Little Couple, Big World.” Whatever happened to dwarf throwing at bars? Is that repulsive and oh, I don’t know…..sensationalizing  and degrading midgets? Psssst……TLC is doing that – just sayin’.

“Breaking Amish,” doesn’t sound too bad to me. Seeing the terrified looks of simple people leading simple lives and being thrown into the craziness of New York City sounds like the makings of some high impact drama with horse and buggie chases, bonnet snatching, and beard growing contests in Yonkers. I’m in.

I don’t have five hours a day for cutting coupons, therefore, I will not spend my time watching “Extreme Couponing.” I really never thought there would ever be a show on television about coupons, but here you have it.

Oh, and let’s add to the list of shows I would never think would make it onto my television screen, “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” Why is this entertainment for people? I really don’t get it. Apparently, people like to watch others’ misery in living in foot high filth. Are people that disgusted with their lives that they need to watch something this extreme to make them feel better about themselves?

Lastly, I’d like to add to this list “High School Moms.” This golden little nugget is about  the real-life drama at a Colorado high school devoted exclusively to pregnant girls and teen moms. Wow. So, instead of talking about kids who need to juggle honors classes, extra-cirricular activities, preparing for college and balancing their social and home lives, we get to see the girls who screwed up by watching them balance schoolwork, sonograms, and diapers. That makes as much sense to me as putting a dog in the driver’s seat of your car and expecting him to take you for a Sunday drive.

Here’s a good question: Why do we sensationalize all the bad stuff and ignore all the good stuff? The quality of shows TLC has is terrible and exposes young people to the wrong way humans should behave in real life. TLC is not real life – their shows are extreme versions of a normal human being’s life and makes for hideous entertainment.

Can I hear an Amen to that?


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