German Shepherds Prefer Good Beer

Hey, it’s Oktoberfest, what did you expect?

So, here’s the deal (and I’m not making this up, although my husband has no proof since he didn’t have a camera on him for ten seconds when it was happening)….

Crusher, our new German Shepard puppy is a climber. He’s a jumper. He’s a drinker.

He’s a Boozer.

My husband gets home from work yesterday and as usual, goes downstairs and pours himself some fine imported GERMAN wheat Franziskaner from our Kegerator.

He goes into the backyard where he let all three dogs out to relieve themselves and have a little playtime. Knowing that there was a local newspaper on the driveway, my husband decided to walk the ten seconds down the driveway, pick up the newspaper, and walk back the ten seconds to the backyard.

When he walked toward the gate, he heard ‘click, click, click’…..he knew this sound well. It was Crusher on top of the patio table.

Crusher has done this before when we put the water bowl on the table because we didn’t want the dogs drinking anything after 7 p.m. Well, even after strategically moving the chairs like Stonehenge away from the table, he managed to jump on top of the table and take a look at the beer glass.

Looking became more like glaring.

Glaring became more like sniffing.

Sniffing became more like licking.

Licking became more like drinking.

The full glass of imported beer that my husband had poured and meticulously placed on the patio table was now half gone. He looked at Crusher and caught him in the act.

“CRUSHER!” he yelled.

Crusher looked at him with a mouth full of foamy beer and the look in his eyes of an innocent child.

My husband could only laugh.

For a second.

Then, he got pissed.


It’s a German Shepherd, idiot – what did you expect? They only drink the finest of beers.

Happy Oktoberfest!


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