Using Pinterest To Your Advantage

I’m receiving alot of inquiries about Pinterest lately. Mostly from women which is no surprise – since over 80% of Pinterest users are women.

However, these are smart, successful women who are on a mission: They want to sell their products. They want to promote their service. They want people to see their great stuff and say, “YEAH! I like this chick’s product, and I’m gonna REPIN!!!”

So, here is a nice little infographic which I found on (gasp!) Pinterest, and many thanks to for putting this together to help new Pinterest users everywhere.

Take advantage of these six savvy secrets and stick with it!


2 thoughts on “Using Pinterest To Your Advantage

  1. No problem, James! I’m glad I can help you out. Let me know if you want any additional information with regard to social media. I’ll do my best to post it here on my blog. Thanks for reading!

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