It’s The End Of The World! Got Your Freeze Dried Tacos Ready?

Disaster Preparedness is becoming a hot commodity nowdays. I mean, with all the natural disasters becoming larger and more difficult to recover from, and of course the end of the Mayan calendar will cause the earth to lose all of its gravity and we’ll all get sucked into a big black hole, you often wonder how to prepare for such ominous occurrences.

What do I think of?

What to eat.

Even if you don’t have an appetite because of the stress you’ll be under, you’ll need to keep your strength up since you’ll be dodging fireballs from the sky, and jumping over large cracks in the earth. Let’s not mention the fact that those who live under the sea level, will now have to learn how to actually live under the sea.

Don’t laugh at those radicals who stockpile MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) in cabins way up in the mountains. The idea of freeze dried food which is vacuum-packed to have a 30 year shelf life is becoming quite a craze. No Ted Kaczynski’s need apply anymore – we have regular moms, retirees, and college activists who are filling their drawers, closets and backpacks with emergency food.

The packaging is no longer just cardboard containers either. It’s actually downright happy-go-lucky looking: bright colors in red with silver packaging that offer not only regular meat and potatoes stuff, but vegetarian as well as gluten-free options. I know! I’m shocked too.

If you check out, there are options for  long term meal planning, short term meal planning, how to prepare for a disaster, and also ala carte items. The average order is about $1,000.00, but people have dropped as much as $20,000 if they have larger families.

What’s the driving factor in more people buying MRE’s? Fear and uncertainty. Global warming. The crazy people out there going postal. Terrorism. Natural disasters that you think can’t affect where you live, but probably will.

People are preparing for the worst, and they’re starting by buying enough MRE’s for however long they think a natural disaster or other type of life sucking event will last.

So, as you go about your busy day to day activities, think about what I just wrote. If it starts to nag you in the back of your mind, perhaps being prepared is better than not being prepared.

I have a flashlight, matches, and enough jars of salsa (I actually checked), to last me about two weeks.

That’s all I got, man….Oh – and guns. Got plenty of guns.


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