The 12 “Must Haves” For A Website

I am a web designer. I know my blogs don’t often express the fact that I am a web designer, but it’s true. I’m also creatively driven and drawn to discuss what’s on my mind at any given moment, thus the reason why my blogs are random at best.

However, today I’m circling back to web design. What a concept! I think a refresher course is in order for some of you out there who:

1. Need to know me a little better and realize that I am capable of web design and online marketing, and;

2. Take a look at your current website and online marketing strategy to see if it falls in alignment with what I’m about to provide as far as valuable insight for any small business who wants their first website to succeed.

If you want to use a website template that your hosting provider gives you for free just remember that once it’s up and running you’ll have to update it, make sure it’s got decent SEO and coincide whatever you’re saying on your website into any other type of online marketing strategy.

Without further delay, here are the twelve MUST HAVES for a website:

1. A headline. Within three seconds, can your website tell a visitor what your site is about?

2. Subheadlines. These are more less noticeable than the larger headline, but break up the content in a more “skimmable” format.

3. Not only is it important to have your content written as to what you do, but why it matters. What’s the benefits and advantages of your service over others’?

4. Primary calls to action, or CTA’s which are above the fold drive conversions on your site. No more than two or three at best is optimal for a website.

5. In addition to your benefits, point out other features of your business. What else do you have to offer? Should any of these be a CTA? Should these be more prominently displayed on your site rather than nestled within the web content on your home page?

6. Show proof you’re that good. Testimonials go a long way in showing a web visitor that you’re not a “fly by night” crochet basket maker, but have taken a five year course of study abroad and have a master degree to boot.

7. Show your success. Got any awards to promote? Toot that horn, baby! Now is not the time to be shy. Showcase why people chose you over everyone else.

8.Decrease your bounce rate by showing clear navigation. Don’t take people to a sales page, when they click on a pricing page. It pisses them off.

9. Since most people are visual, provide supporting images on whatever content is written. Don’t use cheap stuff either. High end stock photography or good graphics that fall in alignment with the design of your website should be used for visual appeal.

10. Offer something. Anything. Just not your soul. Downloading something you’ve written, 10% off a next purchase, a free keychain…whatever – if they sign up to your email list.

11. FAQ page. People need to be convinced to buy something. Sometimes the content written is not quite enough to get someone to contact you. To that end, provide a FAQ page for additional information on what your customers often ask.

12. Secondary CTA’s are good for the bottom of the page. These are not as glaringly obvious as the primary CTA’s, but you still want people to know about certain offers.


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