Myths of Social Media

smmythsMost people I run into are afraid of getting into social media. This is what I hear:

  • “It takes up too much of my time, and I’ll have to change the way I work.” (gasp!) there’s that dreaded word….change.
  • “I don’t really know what to say.”
  • “I’m an idiot when it comes to this computer stuff.”
  • “Is it worth it? It appears to be a waste of time.”

As far as social media being a big waste of time, you have to think of it as creating content and also researching information that is relatable to your social media audience. Social media isn’t going away, people. It’s formed a huge arena called trust. Asking and receiving recommendations on anything from plumbers to commenting on how awful some customer service representative treated you will tell your followers and connections what to look out for and provide conversation. For those businesses who haven’t engaged in social media, you are living under a rock. Check out your competition. Are they engaged socially? The bigger fish always eat the smaller fish. You want to become a bigger fish, so get engaged in social media. It’s not a waste of your time.

For those that think they are computer illiterate and all this social media stuff seems too complicated, you have to think about what you do on social media channels and not the social media channels themselves.  Plainly stated social media outlets are just people talking to other people. If you can talk on the phone to people, and you can email to people, you can certainly type up 140 characters or less about your latest product or special offer on Twitter to potentially thousands of people.

All social media outlets make it extremely accessible for anyone to use. Need consulting on anything social media related, just let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Change. Most people run away from the word. I embrace it because my business is nothing but change. I mean, not like a bank making change, but ya know….constant change in how I do business: new tools, new software, new techniques, new….something.

Look at change as an improvement. Don’t look at the aspect of talking about change, but rather focus on the results of the changes you’ll be making. Let’s say you aren’t on any type of social media network. Or, you’re only on one. Think about why that is. If you expand your social  media circle, what are the chances that you’ll be expanding your message to others’ and those people would have potential to be a future client?

The world is your oyster, my friends – don’t just settle for a little town when you can have the entire state, country and world at your disposal.


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