A New Book – “I Can Finally Hear Birds”

I_Can_Finally_Hear_B_Cover_for_KindleI figured since I have been writing since I was a little girl (I have proof since my mom kept all of my homework papers requiring a written essay that are splattered with gold stars and smiley faces), and I’ve been writing on this blog since 2010 (I think, but don’t quote me on that), a book should naturally follow.

They say books are good for your business. This book isn’t about my business.

It’s personal.

It’s about me.

I mean, maybe in a way it is about my business since I own Pegleg Web Designs. But, it’s not industry related, so those who want to read about web design or social media or digital marketing wouldn’t be interested. To them I can only say, “Go read another book.”

My book is a candid, yet comical and intimate view of becoming deaf. I don’t think being deaf is funny. No. Not funny at all. I also don’t think that vertigo, drop attacks, Meniere’s disease and depression are funny either since I have had encounters with all of them. And, to this day, still have plenty of visits from the aforementioned.

If you had the chance to be deaf or blind, what would you choose? Since I’m deaf, I would choose being blind. However, others have a different perspective. It’s a deep thought to ponder since the majority of you reading my blogs have all six senses fully equipped and at the ready.

Being deaf is complete silence. Some may welcome it. I welcome it when I’m sleeping. I certainly welcome it when I’m having an attack. Not on my person, but to my brain.

Meniere’s disease sucks. Let’s just say that. It SUCKS, big time.

My hearing loss was progressive. Subtle sounds you and I take for granted began to fade away from me without me really even knowing it.

So, to those who think they have a slight hearing loss, or know of someone who may have a hearing loss, pay attention to  your surroundings. Can you still hear the birds?

My book is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

I hope you decide the purchase it and become enlightened. Laugh, cry, and relate to what I’ve written about my journey.


2 thoughts on “A New Book – “I Can Finally Hear Birds”

    1. Thank you! Did you know that I have a blog specifically for this topic? It’s called dizzinessandhearingloss.com. You should check it out the blog articles there and buy the book! I hope you enjoy it.

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