How Much Marketing Is Too Much On Social Media?

200000footviewOn the 20,000 foot level, if 10% of your activity on social media channels links to a product page of yours,  publishing marketing content, or promoting one of your services then you are overdoing it on the marketing level for social media.

Take a seat. Sit back. Have a cocktail and relax. Let me explain.

You don’t have to sell your products every ten minutes on social media. I don’t think your objective is to drive people away from your page.  Think about it and put yourself in their shoes: These companies are out there trying to sell their stuff. Whatever it is: hardware, software, services, makeup, clothes…yada, yada. If you are receiving marketing news on your feeds via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ every five minutes, I would be inclined to hide them from my newsfeed, delete them, or punch them in the throat.

Don’t shove your stuff in people’s faces. It’s not social media-esque. It’s not social media responsible.

Here are six tips to help you avoid common marketing mistakes on social media when it comes to brand management:

toomuchmarketing1. Don’t fill your feed with marketing content.  As I said above, if more than 10% of your outbound activity is about you, you, and …….YOU – back off. The impact of your brand will turn into a big fat minus on your end and kick you in the you know what….Ok.. I’ll say it because I’m not the shy wallflower….. ASS.

2. Listen more than you speak.  People talk about what they like and don’t like all day long. They talk about you. They talk about me. They talk about competitors….blah, blah, blah. So, start listening. Read between the lines.  Start asking questions. Trust me – No one is going to think you’re strange for asking questions because (queue dramatic music)…that’s what they want! If you truly listen to what people are saying and wanting from your business, product, or service, maybe you’ll learn something. Take your finger off the trigger and just relax.

3. Marketing to your competitors’ customers.  You heard me.  They have communities too, don’t they? Learn to branch out. Unless you are focusing all of your efforts on increasing frequency on clients, remember to pay attention to other communities. This expands your audience and widens your possibilities for more sales.

So, you ask….How do I do that, Nancy? Be nicer and friendlier than your competition on social media. Be more helpful and people will start to notice. It’s called reputation.There is a fine line there. You don’t want to be walked over and taken advantage of with your services, but if your competition isn’t offering the answers your visitors’ aren’t receiving then go ahead and step up to the plate. Batter up and hit a homer, baby.

4. Be careful of automation in social media. The more “hands on” you are with our automationsocial media, the better off you’ll be. Don’t let automated software do the work for you.

As an example, you don’t want to send your marketing messages on all channels at the same time every single day. Wait until the best time for each marketing channel to send out your message. Most will tell you that with Twitter and Facebook, the best times of day to send out messages is between 2 – 4 pm. Monday thru Wednesday. Weekends are good as well since most people are catching up on their 300 plus emails they have in their inboxes.

What you do with your marketing says a lot about the kind of company you are: Are you respectful of your audience, or are you a spammer? Is your content valuable or self-serving? Are you smart enough to use social media? Do you understand marketing’s place in a social medium, or do you still think that “social” is a marketing term applied to noisy digial marketing channels?

Be respectful of the fact that you hold a responsible place within your company’s social media program, and the actions which you choose to activate your message may take your business to a higher level, or bring it down to six feet under.


3 thoughts on “How Much Marketing Is Too Much On Social Media?

  1. Very true! I see many folks using automation on twitter regarding their blog posts – from last year and the year before. While it brought me to their blog the first time, seeing it 5 more times since December, is just a bit too much.

    1. The other thing to notice is when their link was posted. A lot of individuals post previous blogs from 2010, and even 2011. With regard to social media and SEO, whatever content they have written is probably already outdated. Make sure whenever you read someone’s twitter link, it’s recent and not from last year or the year before.

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