Why Email Marketing Is So Popular

email marketingIt shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that email marketing has become the most efficient means of “getting the word out” about your business. Sharing information that is informative, relevant and entertaining (and not to mention throwing in a few offers or coupons),  are primary reasons why people don’t unsubscribe to your emails.

Here’s a few facts about why email marketing is so popular:

1. Email marketing has steadily increased by two billion emails each year per Constant Contact.

2. Marketers like to use email because it’s greener. Don’t be a tree killer.

3. It’s also cheaper than sending out postcards on your latest news or mailing out flyers. Have you noticed the cost of a postage stamp recently?

4. Email gets a better response rate. The average direct mail campaign gets a 1-2% response rate, while the average email marketing campaign can get you a 20 – 30% open rate.

5. Let’s be honest. Most of us check email before we even start our day. To be more exact, 83% of us check our email before doing anything else when we wake up (well, except mwaiting and textingaybe going to the bathroom). Three quarters of the population that use email will check it at least six times a day – probably more if you’re waiting in a doctor’s office….

6. Consumers prefer email as their method of communication. Why? With the mobile world we live in, we can receive email anywhere, anytime. We don’t have to go home and check our mailboxes.

7. Small businesses and nonprofits who combined email with social media saw faster list growth, and higher click through rates than those only using email.

Fun Facts:

  • Email was introduced at MIT in 1965.worst passwords
  • In 1991, The crew of Atlantis, sent the very first email from space
  • The AP stylebook officially changed the spelling from e-mail to email in 2011.
  • The most popular password for email? 123456. Based on what I just wrote right there, I think you should change your password!

A General Rule of Thumb

Just like anything else online, the content within the email will decide how successful your email open rates will be. Sending out emails at the precise time of day also has an advantage. For example, if you received an urgent email from your boss  compared to an email from your local plumber, which one would you open up first? Timing is everything!

And, of course, if you are looking to have someone write your email content, provide you with some great ideas for monthly emails and showcase your business to your list of contacts, Pegleg Web Designs is here to help!

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