There’s An App For That

So, as I’m browsing around magazines and blog sites I came across some really cool new apps. Not being the selfish one, I like to share the little goodies I find with all of you; My loyal followers.

Here we go:

Unstuck for IOS: Did you get stuck on an idea or a project? Maybe you have writers block. It’s pretty common for everyone to get “stuck”, but now there’s an app for that! Unstuck unstuckfor the iPad is a productivity app and includes 11 tools and more than 50 targeted tips so users can map out their problem and generate solutions for it. After you download and sign into the app, you must choose three ways in which you are currently “stuck.” After answering some additional questions to define the problem further, the app provides suggestions and tools to assist you in getting unstuck. I LOVE THIS.

Glassboard for IOS and Android: Communicating and talking to someone face to face seems like such a waste of time these days, doesn’t it?? I mean, with all the phone texts and emails we send out, who needs to talk to anyone face to face anymore? Thus, Glassboard has glassboardmade it easier for humans to become more dysfunctional at our socialization skills by communicating with your colleagues or friends while you are on the go. It’s a free app and provides you with a private social network where you can collaborate, share messages, photos, videos, files and locations with a variety of groups. This can be just friends, co-workers or clients. Plus, all of your content stays private since the platform doesn’t sell data to advertisers….yet.

Yes, I am cynical.

Pushbullet for Android: If you are like me, my short term memory is, well….it sucks. I’m a list gal. I always have been because without a list in my hands or on my computer, I would completely forget all of the things I needed to do. Fret no more, my short term memory friends, because there is an app for that! Yes, if you need to remember something for later,pushbullet push it to your phone with the PushBullet app. It’s free and highly rated (which is a plus), and allows you to push files, links, notes, lists, reminders and addresses to the notification bar on Android devices. It’s really useful when you need access to something fast. Instead of opening up a cloud-storage app, finding a file and then downloading it, you can push the file directly from your computer to your phone’s notifications where it can be opened with a single click. Too bad, I don’t have an Android…… Grrrrrrr.

genius scanGenius Scan+for IOS:  I’m always needing a scanner when I’m not at my desk. I mean, walking my dogs, doing laundry and choking down a salad always, ALWAYS requires a scanner.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

This app from iTunes allows you to scan documents from your smartphone and email them as a JPEG or PDF file. Your scans can also be uploaded to other apps like Box, Dropbox, Evernote and SkyDrive.

I wish they would make an app to pick up dog poop.


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