Google Glass Just Screams CREEPER

Glassholes, a term carved out by the online world, refers to people wearing Google’s futuristic wearable technology using a tiny screen. Starting in 2014 they will begin conquering the world, creeping on other innocent people whom they don’t even know.

Maybe they vaguely know them and want to get more information on them.

Maybe they don’t know them and want to get to know them.

(Can you do background checks with this thing?)

google glassA recent study by Bite Interactive indicated that 1 out of 10 American adults who own a smartphone will use Google Glass. About 450 of 1,000 people will not wear it because it looks awkward and irritating (not to mention what others’ may think when they talk to you while you wear it).

To me, Google Glass went from “pushing the envelope” to “shoving the box and kicking it out the door” when it comes to upping the creeper level.

People who decide to use Google Glass can now take pictures and videos of anyone around them. Are you in the witness protection program? You won’t be for long. People would be clueless that anyone wearing this ugly eyewear is video taping them eating an ice cream cone, picking the underwear out of their ass, or spitting gum on the sidewalk. Let’s not forget that with video comes audio. Glassholes will be able to record your conversation and you won’t even know it.

A Glasshole must also be able to multi-task  as well as be a formidable creeper. While he or she is taking pictures or videotaping innocent people, they can also scan emails and social media profiles while actually talking to another person face to face.

I personally would have great difficulty doing three things at once since I can barely text and walk at the samegoogle glass1 time. I mean, how can you possibly have a decent conversation with someone and look at an email that screams urgent and not be affected or interrupted in thought while talking to the person sitting in front of you?

And you thought texting at the dinner table was rude.

If Glassholes decide to use the face scanning app, they now go into full creeper mode. A man or a woman (let’s not be sexist here), can match the facial features of an attractive person with existing social media profiles and have access to a whole fortune of information that can make their stalking/creeping even easier.

Using Google Glass is not done discreetly. A light will be on to let non-wearing Glassholes know when the device is “on.” The glasses also don’t work by sound or motion, so they have to manually be turned on. But, if you’re in a busy city and eating in a nice outdoor restaurant, there could be a man or a woman who has manually turned on his “creeper-ware” to videotape or photograph you from afar.

With any other type of new technology this device will evolve to make it easier and more mobile to use, er, creep on others.

Google claims it can do a lot of good: Doctors can use it to respond quicker to emergencies. I’m not quite sure how that’s going to happen if they are checking their emails while performing an open heart transplant at the same time. The confidence level of my doctor, if he is wearing Google Glasses, has just plummeted to ZERO.


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