There Is Nothing Wrong With Bi-Racial Commercials

I would like you to be realistic for one moment. Please sit down, sit back and relax.

I recently saw a spot on the Today Show which prompted me to actually gasp out loud.

Yes, I gasp out loud.  My normal response would be swearing or yelling, but this was early in the morning and I had just woken up, so give me a little breathing room.

cheeriosThere are cereal killers in our society. That’s right. Cereal killers who don’t like Cheerios for what they claim is an extremely offensive commercial showing a bi-racial family eating their product.

Cheerios ended up shutting down their Twitter and Facebook feeds due to the “negativity” of the commercial spot.

Here it is. Tell me if you think this is a negative commercial of a brand selling their product:

I didn’t think it was a negative ad. For those of you who live in under a damn rock or want to immune yourself by living in a bubble to only include “Me, myself and I,” I have news for you:


For those of you who are evolved human beings, you have the understanding and intellect that there are bi-racial couples that live within our existence.  It is perfectly fine to marry and/or date another race other than your own.


However, if you live within a culture that doesn’t permit being in a relationship with someone other than your own culture and/or ethnicity (Note: The ethnicity demonstrated in this commercial does NOT have a problem with bi-racial marriages or relationships), then that’s your issue.

This is America. Home of the FREE and of the BRAVE. We have the power to speak our minds, do what we want (as long as it’s legal), and feel damn good about it.

If you are offended by the Cheerios commercial, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you aren’t aware that Americans have the choice to speak up and choose the partner they want to be with regardless of their skin color or race.

This issue is a generational and cultural one. If I had decided to marry a man of a different race when my parents were alive, they would not be pleased with my choice in my partner for life. But, it would be MY choice. I would be the one who would have to live with my decision. Shall I live by fear of my parents’ rejection and disappointment, or shall I live in confidence knowing the person I’ve chosen is the right partner for me regardless of their skin color or where they came from?

The bottom line is that at the end of the day (I HATE that phrase), you have to live with your decisions. Don’t let someone else choose for you.


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