Hashtag Use on Facebook and Twitter

Some people don’t know what a hashtag is. It looks like this:


Wait. Let me make it larger:


hashtag symbol

Ok. Here’s a little history about the hashtag. Some guy thought it would be a marvelous idea about making groups on twitter by using a hashtag. It would make it easier to find something you were looking for, let’s say, a group of people who like furry kittens,  (#furrykittens).

This is what started the hashtag frenzy. This is what gets your posts on Twitter and now on Facebook in the front of others who are searching for something your business provides.

If you provide hashtags for something like #IhatemyboyfriendandIamgoingtolethimknowit, it obviously isn’t a hashtag someone would be interested in searching upon, nor would it rank up high on the hashtag use scale. The same could be applicable to shortening words because you think you’re cool: #mktgofficeb4Imovedtobiggercube.

These don’t work.

What hashtags DO work? Things that are searchable throughout the audience you want to attract. As an example, if I make a post on Twitter or Facebook, use a hashtag that would help promote that particular post.

Let’s say I’m posting about a great marketing piece I saw in the news. My hashtags would be something like, #marketing, #business #latestnews. It also may include a hashtag about that particular  marketing item (#tvad or #blogging).

Hashtags allow social media networks to crawl these terms just by having that particular symbol in front of the word. With Facebook’s Open Graph Search going into full mode, it will be useful when you need a plumber, or are talking about website design and need some business.

Use your hashtags the right way to get the business you want.


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