SEO Ranking Factors

I read so many articles about how to improve your SEO, I’ve started to have really bad dreams about penguins and pandas. They’re fighting, and I’m in the middle trying to break up the ruckus. They were fighting over the thermostat and how hot OR cold it should be in the house.


Enough already! Here’s the deal:

2013 search ranking factors go something like this:


Google Plus and Facebook shares rank up there first with the number of backlinks ranked right behind.

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that link back to your site. Pretty simple. So, as an example, your link is found on a different website, say your blog. Perhaps it’s listed in a directory website. Perhaps your website link is also listed on a manufacturer’s website. Better yet, it may even be seen on comments you’ve posted on other blogs.

You’ll also notice that Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (OMG – these are all social media sites), rank high up there.

My small clients always say they don’t have the time to use social media. I hope this pushes them in the right direction to start getting engaged more often with these social media outlets because it can definitely boost your SEO.

I recently spoke to a potential client who said she wasn’t interested in any type of social media. She just wanted a website but wanted to rank high on search results.

Ain’t gonna happen, sister. That’s like asking a baker to make the most extravagant wedding cake you can conjure up in your mind, but it needs to have zero calories. ZERO.

It’s like asking an accountant to be funny.



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