Content Marketing Ideas

You’ve heard it before. Blogging will get you 55 – 60% more visitors to your website.

But, wait. You hate to write. Worse yet, you write like a second grader. Have no fear! I am here!

Here are some content marketing ideas that you can use without using a blog.

jargon1. When I was in telecom, you could write an entire book about all the industry jargon used to describe a product or to discuss a process. By showing your industry expertise you can create a glossary defining what each of those terms are. People who are new to the industry will love you for it! Put it on your website and offer it as a free downloadable PDF.

2. You read books, but don’t write them and that’s OK. But, if you’ve read a good book about your industry, perhaps providing a book review will help show credibility to your industry. OMG – you need to actually write something here. Well, writing a book review isn’t hard. Write down what you thought of the book starting with what you liked. Pepper in what you didn’t like and maybe post some other book recommendations similar to it. Post the review on Amazon so others’ who are considering buying the book will read your review.

3. FAQ’s are a big thing to use – even on websites. You know what the most common questions are that people ask you. You also know the answers. Write them down and post them on a Linkedin group or other social media group you may belong to. Better yet, if you don’t have a FAQ page on your website, now would be the perfect time to add it since you’ve already written down the content!

4. I’m a list gal. I write down what I need to do for the day and then check it off as I go along. Checklists are a big deal for people who are highly organized. If your industry followschecklists standards, or a certain process that is similar to others’ perhaps a checklist can be created that you can provide as something that can be downloaded from your site.

5. Who hasn’t made a PowerPoint presentation? If it’s not too long and is a good marketing tool for your business, upload it to SlideShare and put it on your website or social media platforms for people to use.


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