Our Vatican Visit And Yes – More Observations from Rome

On September 5th, we woke up very early this morning to beat the crowds in order to get some nice shots of the Vatican. The place is absolutely stunning and over pouring with history dating over 2,000 years. We took a lot of pictures (our whole trip totaled over 1500 images). Here are some of the best shots of the Basilica for you to see. We also took some great night shots which are included in this gallery:

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I put holy water on my cross and said a prayer for my family. I also lit candles for others’ who need a little help these days. As Dave climbs the Coppola, I am having cappuccino and a croissant in a little outdoor cafe writing these words. Ya see, I can’t climb the Coppola as I did six years ago. There is too much spiraling of stairs, and the climb would certainly guarantee a vertigo attack.  Speaking of which, here are a few images that Dave took from his climb and at the top of the Coppola:

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I people watch. It’s common to see people sleeping in the street and asking for money – much worse than Chicago. It’s expensive here. Thank God for apps! I use the translator to figure out words and also the cash to euro converter so I know how much something costs in American dollars.

Traffic? I wonder how many deaths there are here due to drivers running over other pedestrians. Sidewalks are very narrow and if you cross during the wrong time on a street, drivers do NOT slow down.

Did I mention that everyone here smokes?

Women seem to be more aggressive here. But, they dress the same. Unless  you’re a nun. I’m trying to understand the color standardization of their outfits. Some wear black. Others wear white, gray or blue.

Interesting little tidbit: If you go to a restaurant here and raise your hand up to signal two people (as an example), the palm must be placed forward toward the person you want to capture the attention of. It’s a cultural thing.

Potty Talk

If you have ever visited Rome, you will understand what I’m about to address. Toilets. See this? This toilet is obviously made for a man.DSCN0611 I’m really wondering how he aims to get his #2 into that hole. Secondly, women’s toilets do not have toilet seats. I had forgotten this little fact and didn’t to put my quads through a tough exercise regimen before I left for our trip. Now, for those who can poop like a dog under one minute flat, congratulations to you. For those who are more unfortunate, you had better exercise those quads, sister, because you’re gonna be squatting for a while. Oh, and grab that toilet paper FIRST.

Dave’s Fashion Minute

Bra straps. What’s the protocol? If you are wearing a form-fitting dress, one with a small back, do you plan on wearing a bra which shows its straps? do they  not make bras which conform to the dress? If this an act of civil disobedience?

(Nancy’s interjection) – Wearing or showing a bra strap is not only fashionable in the states, but abroad. (Psssst. Dave doesn’t understand this.)


We get back to our hotel after our excursion to the Vatican and go to the bar at the hotel. They actually have Bacardi!!!!! So, I asked for a rum and diet coke with some limes. What did I get? A glass of rum. You have to say, “Coke Light.” They don’t understand the word “diet” there. Or limes. Thus, I’ve officially given up on my Bacardi drinking in Rome. Also, I’m a little disappointed in the fact that Italian restaurants don’t believe in providing ice in their drinks. If it’s 90 degrees outside, nothing says “aaaaaah” like a lukewarm cocktail going down the gullet.

We napped for three hours again. When I woke up, I thought it was Friday.

I’m officially on vacation mentally and physically.


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