Last Day of Roaming Rome

As we woke up to our last full day in Rome, we walked downstairs to have mimosas and a wonderful breakfast of croissants, fruit, meats and cheeses.

It was a Sunday, and at 10 a.m. it was already hot. Our goal was to try to take images of the masses of people congregating into Vatican Square to hear the Pope’s Sunday blessing. By 11 a.m. the square was full of people and the Pope didn’t plan on speaking from his Papal window until noon.

We headed back to the hotel to watch it on TV rather than sweat it out with every one else. It’s hard to understand Italian when you don’t understand Italian. I tried my best and pieced together what he was saying (sort of), but I really need to brush up on the language if I am to ever visit again (highly doubtful since we’ve already been there twice). It’s a beautiful language. Time to buy Rosetta Stone.

After our nap (I know – but, hey! we ARE on vacation here), we walked to Bargo Nuoro for a late lunch of tuna ensalada with pesto spaghetti and cappuccino. This was topped off with home made tiramisu. And, I will note that this was my one and only dessert on this entire trip, with the exception of having a gelato the very first day we arrived.

As we were eating outdoors, you see and ponder over several people who pass you by. This is Dave’s note about a little boy who caught my eye:

“Nancy’s attempt to endear herself to the local roman youth while being an ambassador to Italy took a significant blow. While sitting at the aforementioned restaurant, she caught the eye of a little blonde boy of 4 – 5 years old. She would look at him and smile each time he made eye contact. This was all well and good, as he approached her, but took a dramatic and unfortunate turn as he walked away.

You see, as this little lad walked away, he would turn to look at Nancy smiling at him. One, two, three times, then WHACK! It seems that on the fourth turn, the little boy’s head made direct contact with the luggage box of a Vespa Scooter, rendering him nearly unconscious. The sound of the impact was akin to that of the scooter vs. a car accident that we saw earlier on the trip.

The sound caused many people at the restaurant to turn and look at a 5 year old boy stagger towards who he thought were his parents. Despite the obvious traumatic brain injury and reverse “vespa” imprint now permanently imbedded in his forehead, he continued staggering down the road with his parents, albeit, much slower and with the inability to walk straight (sounds like someone else I know).

Nancy Chovancek: My vote for World Youth Day Chairman. (Slogan – Vote for me or deal with the consequences).”

Nancy’s Observations:

  • Ever watch “Mutiny on the Bounty” in Italian? Check that off my bucket list.
  • Going to Italy was a breeze. LEAVING Italy is like  going to the DMV and having to go through four or five different departments to actually get to the gate. Your first stop is where they ask you general questions like are you carrying fruit or reptiles? Your second stop is where they check your luggage and you get your boarding pass. Third? Security. Take off everything….well – you know what I mean. Lastly, they check your passports.
  • When you get to the gate there are twenty seats for 270 passengers waiting to board.
  • Once you get on,  you take an escalator down to a corridor and slowly find your seat because people with carry on’s have too big a carry on to shove in the overhead bin.
  • I also don’t appreciate people’s butts in my face. One guy was a complete ass.

Thanks for reading through our roaming through Rome. Not sure where we’ll end up next, but I’m sure it will be an adventure!



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