My Favorite Time Of Year


Today was a busy day. I normally don’t start my mornings running out of the gate, so to speak, As a matter of fact, it was a requirement.

One of my favorite discount stores was having a 50% off sale. I had to go, and I dragged my husband with me. Well, I didn’t drag him. Fortunately, we get along famously. We actually like to spend time together. I know. You don’t believe me, but it’s true. We are each other’s best friends.

At any rate, we spent the majority of the morning spending money. I bought clothes because I had grown out of my jeans. No, I’m not a twelve year old adolescent. I am an almost 50 year old menopausal woman whose body has suddenly decided that it will take its sweet old time holding onto whatever fat it can clutch onto and refuse to let go of unless I enter an Iron Man competition.

You can guarantee that I will never be in an Iron Man competition.

Along with some clothes at 50% off, we got the car washed, bought a new chair and ottoman for the bedroom and some beautifully scented fall candles.

The chair and ottoman are a lightly colored grey, blue and white thin striped canvas with large silver rivets along the bottom withdark wooden legs. We wanted a comfy chair to sit in upstairs in our bedroom to overlook our backyard and be able to read without, as my husband would say, “anyone seeing us.”

Why reading a book should be such a secret to him is beyond my comprehension, but I understand his thinking after knowing him for so many years. Maybe he wants to read in his underwear.

Don’t over think it.

When we got home, my husband walked downtown alone to get his haircut at the old barber shop that’s been in Wheaton for over wheatonbarbershopthirty years. We would agree to meet up for lunch at our favorite restaurant when he was finished. It was, in my best terminology, a perfect fall day. The sun was shining with water colored clouds of gray and dark blue passing overhead. The leaves were tumbling around me as I walked along the uneven sidewalks due to the overgrown roots of the old oak trees towering overhead. The smell of misty fallen leaves on the dewy grass combined with the smell of juniper berries reminded me again of the transition of summer.

Some people don’t look at autumn as tenderly as I. It doesn’t appear to me to be the dying of one season as life goes dormant. On the contrary, autumn is the beginning of a new life. Although trees and nature may go dormant, there are other things that thrive.

For me, one of those things is creativity with writing; a good hearty fire at night curled up on the couch with my husband, and early walks in the cool, misty mornings with my dogs.

Especially for my dogs, this season is a blessing for them. German Shepherds don’t like hot weather. They certainly prefer the cooler days and longer, chillier nights that lie ahead. When the first snow flutters snowflakes onto the ground my dogs dig their noses deep into the ground to take up as many unique snowflakes as they can.

Frankly, the season of autumn is one that I truly wish were longer than any other season of the year. It’s a time of perfect weather and spending more time indoors with your family. More importantly, it’s about connecting again with the ones you love.

Summer is always a fun season; don’t misunderstand me. But, summer is also extremely busy for a lot of families with vacations (whether we want to be with others or not), baseball, soccer, and upcoming football practices for the fall.

When autumn hits, it’s the start of something new and big. It’s the start of something you’ve been preparing for all summer long. It could be the start of a new school year, new college career, planting new landscaping for next year to spring anew.

fall in wheatonAutumn also allows you to try things indoors that you’ve been putting off because summer wouldn’t allow you to stay inside four walls. You can become an expert craftsman, start cooking again or, better yet, cook up new dishes that you wouldn’t dare turn on your stove to try in the summer.  What about that closet renovation or (dare I say it) closet cleaning you’ve been putting off because the sun was calling your name?

To me, autumn is a time of rejuvenation, organization and the start of new beginnings.



Every day to us should seem like a new beginning. Wake up tomorrow and pull a warm sweater over your head, tie on a pair of good walking shoes and start the day out right with a brisk autumn walk.

Now, that’s the way to start a day!


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