Oh, Mariano’s! Where Art Thou??

Oh Mariano’s! Where art thou? October 29th can’t come soon enough for thee!

I await the aromatic smells of fresh baked bread, lemons the size of small grapefruit, tomatoes that smell like they were freshly picked marianofrom my garden and actually feel like a beautifully round tomato and not something that was handled by twenty others deducing it into a small, warped football.

Seasonal, unprocessed produce stimulates my senses to conjure up new tasty dishes that I haven’t yet made. OK – I’m referring to Pinterest. Pinterest is my new “go-to” for recipes these days.

I hear marvelous things about Mariano’s. Fresh produce is at the ready with decent prices that rival the other food chains in the area. I’m not naming any names, but the grocery store I normally go to recently only had three, Lilliputian cucumbers in their produce department. When I asked if there were any more in back because the ones displayed were mocking scarred faces, I was told they had nothing left to provide. I’m guessing all the produce trucks have now been hijacked to Mariano’s.

I also can’t believe that there are chefs who are on standby where you can entrust them with your recently purchased rib eye so they can cook it to perfection. There are complete meals prepared for your convenience so all you have to do is purchase the parcel and go home to indulge without messing up your kitchen. Fresh baked bread; a necessity to anyone’s daily diet, permeates the air. This smell is quickly identified by my nose. I will hunt down the aroma until I find it and waft in the billowy invisible clouds of baked bread deliciousness, grabbing a loaf (maybe two) and placing it into my cart.

winetastingBest of all, they allow you to wine taste while you shop! This will make me want to buy more items. They say that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry. I agree with this statement. However, you should also not attend the grocery store if you are drunk. This leads to unhealthy choices and a sticker price at the register that just makes you exhibit a faint pfffffffpt until you get home and sober up.

Then you just cry.

I don’t know anything about this experience. I’m thinking this is what it would be like, so don’t over think it.

I’m so excited to have a grocery store 2/10ths of a mile away from my house, that I bought a sturdy two wheeled grocery cart so I can walk to and from the store at a moment’s notice.

My cousin, Debra, is stopping at my home on the day of the grand opening to shop with me. She has been to Mariano’s before and she’ll turn me into a grocery store addict like a chick who gets hooked on cocaine and booze during her first time at a night club.  She can tell you exactly what kind of meat to buy for any type of dish. She has her own recipes from scratch that can rival any Italian restaurant in Rome. She just loves food and reminds me of how my mother was a foodie but in the only way possible for the Italian side of my family: Italian foodie.

Wait. Can being a professional grocery shopper be a reality TV series? It probably can. Maybe it already is.

I should check the cable channels……


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