Stores Open Thanksgiving Day??

Do some people find this a bit over the top? Sacrilegious? Against your better judgement?

About a month ago, the local news started spouting off names of national retail chains that decided to open on Thanksgiving Day in order to get a let up, so to speak, on other retailers in their area for Christmas sales.

Macy’s, Target, Toys R Us, K-Mart and Walmart are just a few of the national retail chains that will be open on Thanksgiving Day. blackthursday

This means that you are not allowed to sleep on the couch any longer after that big meal you just had.

This is the best, bad idea ever in the history of Thanksgiving.

There are a couple of reasons for this, but the most obvious best reason is because it commerce. Oh, I’m sorry…..MONEY.  Secondly, it’s a good reason because you get to walk off those calories! Or, should I say, “RUN OFF THOSE CALORIES!” The doors to national retail chains will fly open for your every desire on the most thankful day of the year.

Let’s rewind to that last part of the previous sentence: Most thankful day of the year.

This is where we get to the worst part of the whole rigamorole of shopping on Thanksgiving.

For some reason, I can’t envision this phrase being intermingled with a visual of people being run over, pushed, shoved, punched, stepped on, and at times caught in the midst of gunfire to get the most wanted toy on the planet.

There are many. Speak to different age groups and get back to me. My son asked me for the new Play Station. I told him that at $400 bucks a pop, which doesn’t include a damn game controller or any games, he can save up money to get one for himself. What did I buy him for Christmas instead? I bought him Chicago Blackhawk Tickets for him and his girlfriend. Pretty good damn seats too.

Have I ever been to a Chicago Blackhawks game? No.

C’mon! What do you expect from this Chicagoan? I was just at my second Chicago Bears football this past Sunday; don’t even get me started on Cutler. It was a blast!

thanksgivingdinnerI suppose that those of you who look at shopping as part of your family tradition, moving this particular requirement up on your calendar shouldn’t be a matter of contention. However, if you are the type like that would prefer to take a nap after that toothsome meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, hot butter rolls and who knows what else, you may have a difficult time getting your butt out of that lounge chair.

Unless you have one of those massage chairs I see at Brookstone all the time – You ain’t goin’ anywhere!!!!


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